Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cooly Rocks On

I was extremely lucky last week to have the largest 50's and 60's festival in Australia right on my doorstep, in the form of Cooly Rocks On! Now, as you all probably know already, I am a he-uge lover of all things vintage, retro, antique and kitsch so this festival was right up my alley and I was so excited to attend! The first 5-ish days of the festival, I just went about my daily business, and caught bits and bobs from the celebration as I happened across them. I caught some swing an jive dancing in the shopping centre, as I returned some library books and handed out resumes, I ogled pretty cars that lined the streets as I went about my business and I walked past the occasional lady in a 50's inspired outfit as I popped into the post office down the street. I really enjoyed these little happenings, but I didn't take things further and actually grace the festival with my presence until the final weekend, which I knew was the highlight of the whole 10 days!

Saturday morning I had my mum and sister visiting and we popped down the main street just in time for the annual Cooly Rocks On parade! Think old cars, LOTS of sponsor floats and big semi-traliers with representatives from some of the many, many rockabilly, swing and jive dancing clubs and schools on the back, dancing up a storm! It was a lot of fun to watch, and I got lots of photos, but in the interests of trying not to bore you, I will only show my favourites.

Yes, that is a little boy in a leather jacket driving his brother through the parade in a mini car!

"Clown cars" that my sister and I thought looked like toys!

And the dancers. Oh the dancers! I seriously want to take up dancing lessons now!

After the parade, it started raining, so my sister, mum and I ran back up the hill to my house to escape the stampede for shelter we knew was inevitable! As the day got on, the weather continued it's blearly performance, and we decided to give the markets a miss.

The next day was my first day at my new job, working at a local news agency in Coolangatta which is opposite the beach. Since the weather had fined up, I decided to walk to work, and set off brolly in hand (just in case) down the street past rows of shiny, vintage cars being polished in the street. I love, love, love vintage cars and have actually begged Jake to buy one before. I wanted a beautiful, old holden as my first car, but was worried about the price of petrol, and eventually decided not to buy it, even though it was sky blue and white - my favourite colour combination! Again, I took a zillion photos of the cars, but will just show you my favourites. Sorry I don't know what they're al called. I mostly judge them by their pretty shapes and colours.

Turquoise car! If any of you ever win the lottery and feel inclined to buy me a present...

Finally, after a very busy day of work, I took a stroll through the markets before heading home. Once home, I realised what a terrible blogger I was for not taking some street style photos on such a momentous, vintage fashion-rich occasion! So, feeling out of place in my jeans and shirt, I quickly changed into my most glamourous 50's inspired frock, put my hair in a simple 50's inspired style and whacked on some eyeliner and lippy before heading back down town. Unfortunately, my shyness got the better of me for the most part, and I only got photos of three lovely ladies who were all stall owners (or friends/family of stall owners) in the markets, as I was too intimidated to ask anyone else and thought I could give their beautiful stalls a little exposure in return for their picture. 

The only half-decent selfie that I managed to get in my rush to get back downtown after work.

The gorgeous Miss Elaine of My 50's Closet

Two lovely ladies from Rockababy Couture (who's names I forget - sorry ladies!)

My 50's closet was truly the most beautiful and reasonably-priced vintage stall I went into all day, and Miss Elaine was so helpful and friendly! Her hair was magnificent, as well although I didn't take a picture, and was adorned with beautiful flowers everywhere!

Rockababy Couture was also set up beautifully, and I saw many a dress I could have bought instantaneously if I'd had the money. Thankfully they are a local Gold Coast business, so when my photographer housemate moves in, I will be sure to grab a dress from them to style in an outfit post! You seriously have no idea how excited I am for my housemate to move in so I can pester her for outfit photos!

A big thank you to all who organised Cooly Rocks On! I can't wait for next year to roll around, and hopefully by then I'll have a proper rockabilly outfit to wear, have perfected victory rolls or pin curls as well as winged eyeliner, and am part of some sort of swing/jive dancing club. Yep, that certainly would take my involvement with the festival to a whole new level - but perfecting victory rolls? Right now, it's definitely a dream!

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