Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Extraordinary Weekend

I'm back! Golly, it seems I have written those two words wayyy too much on this little blog, but as per the last time I was "back" I do not feel one shred of guilt for not posting lately. Nope, not one. You see, I found out something pretty interesting over the last few weeks. First off, I learnt that moving house the week before your first assessment block for the semester at uni is absolute hell and should be avoided at all costs. Secondly, I learned that when you hate the place where you live, you WILL NOT unpack boxes no matter how much you are willing yourself to be happy there. It just becomes physically impossible. Third of all, I learned that blogging when you've just moved, you are in the middle of an assessment block, you hate the place you live and you spend every spare moment you have travelling down to Lennox Head to breathe in the fresh ocean air and spend time with your boyfriend is impossible. You just won't do it!

Lastly, I learnt that Mumma does indeed know best, and I should listen to her more often. Seriously, she knows me better than I know myself sometimes, and that's a scary thought! Now, on to my extraordinary weekend and hopefully this last little bit of information will start making sense.

Many of you will know by now that I moved to Southport a few weeks ago, and you most certainly know by this point in this post that I don't love it. I'm not sure exactly why I dislike living here so intensely, but I think it has something to do with one unclean housemate, a cat regularly shitting in my bathtub and being away from all the people I love. So, every weekend, I pack my big, green overnight bag and head home. To my true home - Lennox Head. I used to leave on a saturday afternoon, after I finished work and come back on Tuesday morning, when I would head straight to uni for the day, but I lost my job last week via text message and that is the first reason why this weekend was so extraordinary. I got a whole extra day with the man I love.

Secondly, this week I got a (sort of) break from the travelling, and Jake came to stay with me for a change. He loves to trick me and surprise me, and he did that again this week by calling me Friday afternoon to say he wasn't sure if he'd make it that night because he had to work late, and then I turned the corner into my street to see his car in the driveway and my heart melted. That's the second reason this weekend was extraordinary, Jake came to visit me for the first time since I moved with the intention of giving me a break from travelling. Of course, I ended up coming home with him Sunday night anyway to have a few extra nights together, but I still love him for it.

This weekend was also extraordinary because I got to watch Jake ride! I love that my boyfriend does an interesting sport. It is actually so cool to me, sitting at Queensland Moto Park watching the boys ride bikes! The little kids on peewees just about kill me with cluckiness, but that's nothing to how I feel seeing Jake ride. Riding really is his passion. It's what he lives for and every time he is out on a track, on a trail or even just riding around a paddock he is so happy, and that makes me happy. He puts his all into his riding and it really shows. He is so go-for-it and is quite a good rider, with enough patience to teach whoever wants to learn. I got some pretty good photos of him this weekend, which I'm glad of because it's not often he has someone on hand to take photos. Hopefully I won't be the photographer for too long, though! I want my own bike. I want to get confident enough with my riding to hit the tracks, and do small jumps, but I know that's a long while off yet.

`The last, and most important reason that this weekend was so extraordinary is due to an important decision I made. It's no secret that I'm not happy where I am, and I decided to do something about it. Ever since the start of our relationship, I expected that when I started uni, Jake would just pack up and come with me, leaving his job and his family behind. It's what he thought, too. Unfortunately, we have had a crappy run this year and that's how I got to where I am. Now, it seems I have had a moment of realisation. I realised that the Gold Coast is not the best place for me right now. I realised that I miss home, miss my family, miss Jake and am unproductive in my current environment because of this. I realised that there is no point in Jake upheaving his life to come here when we will both just want to move back in two years time when my degree is finished. I also realised that he has a great job, with a steady client base and a boss who gives him a lot of responsibility which will come in handy when he is qualified and wants to set up his own business one day, and that his mum is sick and he should be close to her while she goes through this. I expected my boyfriend to pack up his life and move to a city neither of us love, which we will only be leaving again in two years, and that is unacceptable.

I have made a meeting to find out how I switch my degree over to distance education. I am contacting the real estate to give notice at my unit. I will be leaving in the last week of October and I am never moving back here again. Losing my job freed my mind and enabled me to see clearly what I need to do to find happiness. At long last, Jake and I will be living together in our own place, and we will be doing it with the full support of both our families, nice and close to home. I won't say I'm not worried about doing uni by distance, because I am but I have a feeling I will be much more motivated to get my work done when I am living somewhere that I love. I have given so much to the Gold Coast this year, and it has not given anything back. I have learned from my experiences, and finally I am moving home. Mum said she knew all a long this is what I'd do. I hate that she is right, but the countdown is on!

This little note on my steering wheel lifted my heart this morning as I left Jake's place. I have made the right decision.

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