Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday's Finds: My favourite recently thrifted goods

Well, it has been absolutely ages since I have done a Friday's Finds post but now that I'm back into the swing of weekly op shopping jaunts, I thought I'd post a little catch up of my favourite thrifty finds of the last few months before I start with the (almost) weekly feature again.

First off, I finally found some cute vintage linen! Yay! I think I'm going to turn both sheets into clothes of some sort, but the pillowcases will probably make it onto the bed.

I am now determined to find purple stripey fabric like this after seeing this dress pattern. Probably not for use on this actual dress, but I still like both the fabric and the pattern.

This little glass bottle is so cute! I'm actually thinking of putting some kind of liquid in it before I put it on display. Perhaps some kind of oil or something? I really want to actually use it!

Pyrex! I don't love this piece (not a fan of the brown) but I have never seen this farm scene on Pyrex before, so I nabbed it.
Fabric! I'm not sure what I'll turn it into yet, but it is a massive piece and I couldn't pass it up for $2

 Last but not least, my absolute favourite find and a steal at only $5, this Corningware teapot!
Isn't it cute? I'm absolutely in love with it and it's in as new condition. I think it might replace my Willow one as my everyday teapot. It seems much more sturdy and I love that it has a little hanging cage for your tea leaves that hooks into the lid and that the lid locks into place so you don't have to keep one hand on it as you pour. 

Have you had any brilliant finds lately? I love having a sticky at the things people pick up from op shops and garage sales, don't you?

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