Monday, 17 March 2014

Review: Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Mud Face and Body Mask

I've never really been a fan of masks. Until recently, I had only ever tried the sticky, peely type that always seem to leave a yucky film on your face and one Avon mud mask which I felt did absolutely nothing for my skin. Then Arbonne came into my life, and as with every product I've tried from them, I was blown away! The SeaSource Detox Spa Mud Face and Body Mask feels great on my face. It's kind of tingly and you can feel it working it's magic as it warms up your skin. Washing it off is a breeze and once it is all off, my face feels amazingly tight and fresh! This is a great mask to use regularly, or when you have a breakout as I really feel like it does what it claims. It detoxes your skin, drawing out toxins and leaves your skin feeling tight and fresh. 

Need further proof of this mask's amazingness? I've come home three times now to see my big, burly bloke indulging in a mud mask. He absolutely loves it! If my tradie boyfriend thinks it's worth using, it must be, right?

Disclaimer: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant, however this does not influence my opinion of the products. I bought Arbonne prior to becoming a consultant and did so because I believe in the products 100%. I could never sell something that I didn't absolutely LOVE and Arbonne's premium, vegan and cruelty free products have won me over completely. If you are interested in trying Arbonne, please email me at or use my Arbonne ID: 613297231 at the checkout.

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