Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday's Finds: Tugun Vinnies and a Little Question

I FINALLY got a decent op-shopping adventure done this week! Seriously, I thought the day would never come when the Gold Coast op-shop fairies gave me a decent haul! I have been here two months with nothing but the slimmest of pickings at the op-shops I was able to visit on my way home from uni on the bus, but this week, with the help of my new car, I was finally able to try somewhere new and boy did it pay off!

I was amazed at how clean and beautiful the displays at Tugun Vinnies were when I walked in the door. A lot of effort goes into the presentation of their wares - that much is for sure! There was quite a lot of good stuff in there, including some mid-century furniture, a big pine dresser and a heap of good quality clothes and homewares. The only downside I could find to this beautiful Vinnies was the prices. 

Absolute rip-off central.

One of the things I hate about op shops these days is how much they are able to charge for anything they think hipsters, or stupid people as I like to call them, will pay for anything old. And half the time they get it wrong anyway and the stuff they think is crap is actually the stuff I would pay good money for. And that drives me mad! It drives me so mad, in fact, that I started making a vlog about it today. I obviously haven't posted it though because a) I hate seeing/hearing myself on screen and b) I am a total pussy and have no idea whether you guys would actually like to see my mug on your screen talking crap about op shops and how hipsters are taking over the world. Although my video isn't nearly as exciting as I just made out it was. Crap. Back to the stuff I bought?

Okay, so the belt and books were just little tie bits I paid way too much for and didn't really need, but this sewing pattern is absolutely to. die. for. and was only $1. I haven't checked all the pieces yet, but even if they aren't all there,  love the picture on the front and am sure I can find a use for it anyway ;)

The "Dolly Dolly" jacket is absolutely gorgeous! I'm about 90% sure that it's vintage and I love the way it fits, with the shoulder pads and the flared peplum-like waist! It's going to look amazing with jeans this winter :)

The darling Katies blouse is almost definitely 80's, judging by the ginormous shoulder pads and the fit of the sleeves! I love the detail on the collar and shoulders and wil definitely be wearing this a lot tucked into skirts, high waisted pants and untucked with jeans.

Have you had any op shop buys lately?
And would you be interested in seeing me do a vlog? I'd love to hear your opinions and ideas of what I could post about!

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