Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Love From the Interwebs

One of my favourite things in the world is Leona's Wednesday Loves posts, because we both have such similar taste. I know these type posts aren't uncommon, but the fact that I love discovering and sharing new things so much means that I've decided to jump on the copycat bandwagon. BUT I am going o give myself a limit of five things to share each week and try to make them different from each other. Oh, and there will always be at least one thing related to Harry Potter. So, without further ado!

These tea cup lights are so cute! I'm saving this project for when I own my own home, and have enough power over Jake to convince him to make them for me. They'd be great mood lighting! Since Pinterest didn't have a proper link to the DIY with instructions, I guess I can count myself lucky that my boyfriend is a sparky. These lights will be mine someday!

This house tour with Andrea McArdle on A Beautiful Mess is just like a vision of my perfectly decorated home! Who isn't into the mid-century look these days? Besides, I'm about to move and the most excited part of moving is redecorating! If only I had a couch that awesome!

My friend Darci sent me this pin, and the caption was "After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Dementors had to start taking more drastic approaches.."I think it's so clever and funny! I probably wouldn't think it was funny if I was the poor girl lying on the ground with no soul, though!

I can so relate to this meme. Pinterest, thou art an expensive bitch. 

Last of all, how delicious do these sugar cookie bars look? They reming me of 100's and 1000's biscuits which I always used to beg mum to buy me as a kid. I can't remember the amount of times my sister and I snuck them into the shopping trolley. Mum used to get so pissed at us because they're basically just sugar and they're quite expensive. I'll have to give this recipe a go to relive childhood memories. Although it calls for shortening and I have no idea what that is, except there's a song about shortening bread which mum used to sing to us as kids. 

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