Monday, 27 August 2012

First post!!!!

Hi guys, if you're reading this I'm eternally grateful because I have this weird feeling that blogging without readers is akin to talking to oneself - something which I am starting to think I do a little too much of already, lately!

My name is Sunae, and I'm a crafty 18 year old from  a small town called Woodburn, not far from Byron Bay in Australia. I guess I'm starting this blog as a sort of time-filler because I am on a gap year and don't have much use of my brain without anything to study, but I am also starting this because I have recently taken up sewing, and would like to (eventually) start selling what I sew on Etsy, which is absolutely the best website EVER, and at a few of the local markets where I live.

At this stage, I don't think this blog will completely be about sewing, as I also do a bit of other craft and cooking, a lot of op-shopping which I get super excited about, and I love to read so i'm guessing you'll hear a bit about books too! In a way, I guess you'll hear a far bit about different aspects of my life. I hope you enjoy what I write about if you read it, and I hope you'll comment on my posts because I'm quite a friendly person who loves to chat and connect with other like-minded people!

I think this shall do for an introductory post, and I'll try to post something exciting later!

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