Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Little Birthday Dress Wish List

Birthday dress wish list

Birthday dress wish list by sunae-reilly featuring an anchor dress

My birthday has totally snuck up on me this year (it's on Monday) and I am absolutely beside myself because I forgot to buy something pretty to wear for the big day! I have been coveting a dress from Bonne Chance Collections for absolutely ages and always planned on buying one to be my birthday dress "in my next pay". Well, my next pay came and went, then came again and I still haven't purchased one and now it is too late. There is no way a dress from Bonne Chance could get here by Monday, but a girl can dream so I put together this little wish list of my favourite dresses from their collection, each of them just so perfectly suited to my style that they certainly would make me feel like a princess on my big day! 

I'm not really doing anything too special on my birthday - just spending the day with my best friend (who knows what we will get up to!) and having my aunty, my cousin and my other best friend around for dinner that night, so whatever I might end up wearing on Monday, I'd like to keep it pretty yet casual to suit the laidback way I'll be spending my day. Each of these dresses are ones I would get a lot of use out of over the hot summer months we are experiencing at the moment in Australia, and I can see quite a few of them transitioning well into autumn and winter with the addition of tights, cardigans and jumpers to cosy them up a little. 

I'm almost certain I won't find anything this cute to wear from my local shops by Monday, so tell me, which of these dresses is your favourite and if I had more time, which do you think I'd be best off buying for my big day?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday's Finds: My favourite recently thrifted goods

Well, it has been absolutely ages since I have done a Friday's Finds post but now that I'm back into the swing of weekly op shopping jaunts, I thought I'd post a little catch up of my favourite thrifty finds of the last few months before I start with the (almost) weekly feature again.

First off, I finally found some cute vintage linen! Yay! I think I'm going to turn both sheets into clothes of some sort, but the pillowcases will probably make it onto the bed.

I am now determined to find purple stripey fabric like this after seeing this dress pattern. Probably not for use on this actual dress, but I still like both the fabric and the pattern.

This little glass bottle is so cute! I'm actually thinking of putting some kind of liquid in it before I put it on display. Perhaps some kind of oil or something? I really want to actually use it!

Pyrex! I don't love this piece (not a fan of the brown) but I have never seen this farm scene on Pyrex before, so I nabbed it.
Fabric! I'm not sure what I'll turn it into yet, but it is a massive piece and I couldn't pass it up for $2

 Last but not least, my absolute favourite find and a steal at only $5, this Corningware teapot!
Isn't it cute? I'm absolutely in love with it and it's in as new condition. I think it might replace my Willow one as my everyday teapot. It seems much more sturdy and I love that it has a little hanging cage for your tea leaves that hooks into the lid and that the lid locks into place so you don't have to keep one hand on it as you pour. 

Have you had any brilliant finds lately? I love having a sticky at the things people pick up from op shops and garage sales, don't you?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Health Update: Spilling my heart out

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I suffer from quite severe health troubles, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, aching joints and muscles and possible the worst immune system in the world. In fact, if you have been reading for a long while, you will probably also know that this blog was born out of my illness, in a time where I desperately needed something to fill the days when I was too sick to work.

Well, I have moved forward in leaps and bounds since first encountering these troubles and so has my blog, but it hasn't been without struggle and my heath problems certainly have not gone away. I wake up in pain every single morning. Some days, this pain goes away after an hour or so. Other days it stays with me all day. I have trouble walking up the stairs because my knees ache and I am tired all the time. There are days when I simply can not get out of bed and even blogging seems too hard. I'm sorry for the length of this post, but I feel it's important for you to know what's going on in my life as dedicated readers, and I have a lot that I need to get off my chest regarding how my health is lately.

Lately, there have been a lot of these days. My condition isn't one that can easily be treated and so for the last year and a half I have been doing my best to learn to manage it and to build up my stamina so that I can go to uni, work and basically just live a full life. These uni holidays have been a real test of my endurance, as I have been working in child care which is very strenuous work and testing how many days of work a week I can cope with. I find I can do four if I have a break in the middle, but I end up needing quiet days on the Wednesday and Saturday if I do. Three is ideal for me right now. It gives me enough money to save a little these holidays, while not tiring me out too much or taking too much of a toll on my body.

My symptoms have gotten gradually worse, especially over the last 6 months as I have struggled to cope with aching muscles and joints, fatigue, loss of appetite, a poor immune system and hair breakage and loss. My specialist appointment last week was both much dreaded and much anticipated and I was torn between hope for a diagnosis and treatment and fear of what the gradual worsening of my symptoms might mean for my future.

I left the specialist's office with confused feelings as well. Relieved to finally have a name for the condition I've struggled with for three and a half years now, dread of what that one little word means for my health and anxiety over what it means for my future. It took me a good while in a coffee shop to sort out my feelings enough to even be capable of driving home, and a good while longer to accept that it is possible I will be on medication now for the rest of my life. The diagnosis I was given is that of Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) which I suppose you could Google if you wished (although please don't let it scare you too much. I would recommend this website for a good understanding of what it is) and it is a lot for me to deal with right now, so I would really appreciate your support and understanding on the blog. It is a scary thought for a girl of 19 to be on long-term treatment for a disease which cripples my ability to live like a normal teenager, but I am thankful that we have caught it early and that my treatment may prevent my symptoms from getting any worse than they already are. I am also thankful we are able to use a very low level treatment for now and that so far, I haven't felt any side effects from this treatment.

The hardest part for me, is trying to instil some sort of understanding of my condition in my family and friends. When you look normal on the outside, it is hard for people to understand what is going on inside you and I am really struggling with things like making my parents understand that some days I am not up to doing anything other than sitting on the couch, as they mistake this for laziness more often than not, not realising exactly how exhausted I might be, or that I may have woken up in severe pain that morning which just has not gone away. Because pain is an everyday thing for me, I try not to complain about it. It's become a part of my everyday life and so my family doesn't always realise the extent of my illness or what it does to my body. I try to communicate with them, but it is so hard to get across what I am feeling at any particular time. Sometimes the best I can do is to say "I'm feeling really sore today" when really I want to say "I'm floppy tired with sore joints and tingly-sore arms and legs which click painfully every time I move and I honestly do not think I can move right now", a perplexing description of the fatigue and aches and pains I experience every morning, which sometimes lasts the day.

I am also really scared of what this diagnosis means for my relationship with Jake. I know he loves me very, very much and I know he tries to understand my illness and cater for my needs, but sometimes when I don't feel up to doing something he really wants to do, or going somewhere he really wants to go, he gets a little cross with me, later admitting, "You look so normal, babe. Sometimes I forget about your lupus and forget how tired you get and how much pain you're in."He is such an adventurous person with a love of extreme sport and I want so badly to share in his adventures and passions. A lot of the time though, I simply do not have the energy.

Compromising on adventures - driving to Mt Tambourine for a little bit of shopping, 
fine food and a rainforest walk.

I can't say I'm not worried for our future and that I'm not worried about what this means for our relationship, but I do hold out hope that we can reach some sort of middle ground with this - going for bike rides together, swimming at the beach, the odd day at a theme park or the water slides and I have made myself a pact to always try to do something super fun with him on days when I'm feeling good - learning to surf, rides on the motorbike, go karting and learning to kite board are reserved for these days. A big part of me trying to make up for what I can't do with Jake is watching him do his favourite sports while lounging with a book so that he feels my presence and support without me doing anything physically exerting. All things considered though, Since my specialist appointment I do spend a fair bit of time scared out of my wits that he is going to leave me for some hot, sporty bitch on a motorbike someday, and madly trying to shake off my doubts that he can stick with me through this illness, whatever it may bring.

I am also worried about how my illness could progress, and what affect this might have on my personal relationships. What happens if my lupus starts attacking my organs, or if my body rejects my babies and I miscarry someday? Where is my life going if this illness is going to be ever-present within it and how will we all cope? I try not to think of the worst case scenarios here, but the idea of kidney transplants and miscarriages are always at the back of my mind and sometimes I worry more about how Jake and my family would cope with this than how I will.

I'm sorry to dump on you all like this, but I needed to get this off my chest. It is too much of a burden to carry alone and the weight is already leaving my shoulders as I write this. You have all always been so supportive of me, and I appreciate you all so much. If you've been through something similar, I would love to hear from you. With lupus being more common than AIDS, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis combined and with no known cause or treatment, I could use a good chat with other people who suffer from the illness. I find it hard to talk to family and friends because it's just so hard for them to understand. Also, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them and please don't be afraid to ask. Thanks for sticking with me through this post guys, I know it was a long one!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Classy for Christmas*

Lindley dress: c/o Joules
Shoes: unknown (they were my formal shoes 2 years ago)
Necklace: Equip
Bangle: mum's
Ring: gift from Jake

This beautiful dress from Joules clothing arrived in my mail box just in time for the Christmas season! Already I have worn it to a work Christmas party and I was so pleased with how well fitting and comfortable it is.I honestly felt so beautiful and classy the whole night! 

For me, this is the perfect dress for the holiday season. Being navy, it does stray from traditional Christmas colours a little, but the subtle gold pattern on the dress glinting under soft light still made me feel really festive! The classic cut of the dress totally sells it to me. I find it really flattering for my figure and think it is exactly the sort of classy yet comfortable dress my wardrobe was missing. I also really have to commend the quality of this dress. It feels so luxurious on and mum and I went over the seams (as you do when you're sewing nutters) and I honestly couldn't find a single fault on the whole garment.  Massive thanks to Joules for giving me something pretty to wear this season, and for many seasons to come! 

Also making a debut on the blog today is my new fringe! I really wanted a full fringe, but my stupid cowlick won't allow for it, so the best friend/hair dresser and I settled for a side fringe instead. It has been years since I had a fringe, but I love the way it frames my face. 

I hope you all are having a lovely start to December. Tell me, how do you plan on dressing for Christmassy events in the coming weeks? Will you be in traditional Christmas colours, or will you stray from the red, gold and green a little like I have? Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Vlog: The Christmas Tag!

So, I did a (not so) little Christmas Tag video based on the one on Ella's blog. I hope you enjoy it. As you can tell, I'm still working on getting my videos short and sweet, and eliminating on screen cringe-worthy actions, but hey, practice makes perfect right? I'd love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos, and please let me know if you've done a Christmas Tag video or post, I'd love to have a sticky!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November Favourites Video

I made my very first favourites video this week. I hope you like it! It's something I've wanted to do for so long and I'm so glad I took the plunge. Please let me know what you think (but be kind!) as I would love to make this a regular thing on the blog but I know I need a little practise!

(If anyone knows how to change the start image thingy, please let me know! What a good head!)

Now, I share a lot of Arbonne products in this video. As you know from my life update post, I'm now an Arbonne Independent Consultant! This isn't the reason I'm sharing these products though, I just honestly am in love with them and think they're the best things I've ever used!

A bit about Arbonne for if you'd like to know more:

  • Arbonne is an award winning, Swiss Ultra Premium skincare and cosmetic brand which is run through a network marketing platform, meaning that it is sold only through independent consultants who are trained in knowledge of the products and can share them with people in person and built their own business around Arbonne.
  • Arbonne is 100% vegan and cruelty free - that means no animal by products and no animal testing whatsoever!
  • All Arbonne products are botanically based, and free of nasty petrochemicals, parabens, phalates, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals.
  • Arbonne's RE9 Advanced anti-aging set is the world's #1 anti-aging product
  • Arbonne's Primer is also a world #1 product
If you would like to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments or shoot me an email, I'd love to tell you all about Arbonne's products and the Arbonne opportunity! 

If you'd like to buy any Arbonne products, you can use my Arbonne Independent Consultant ID to join as a client (it's totally free to join up) or you can join as a preferred client for just $27 and receive 20% off all products including your first order, as well as qualifying for a free product if you spend $195 in one transaction in your first month. My ID is: 613297231 and the items will be shipped to you directly. 

Thanks so much for watching, and please link to your own favourites videos in the comments if you've done one this month - I am totally obsessed with watching them now!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Things I love Tuesday v.3

So, I've missed a few, but I'm back with some more lovely things to share this week! Only a handful since I marked all posts as read I'm still catching up on posts after being gone so long, but still some lovely things to look at!

Firstly, this video by Zoella. Cuteness overload! Warning: it will make you clucky!

SOOOO obsessed with Bonne Chance Collections! I want this dress to wear for Christmas.

 Who doesn't want a pink and lilac kitchen?

Molly blows me away with her macaron skills! These ones are lavender and earl grey!

In honour of Movember and because who doesn't want a moustache on their tea cup?
Umm, strawberry cheesecake chimichangas? Yes please! We used to make cheese cake chimichangas at the mexican place I worked at. They are so good!

Harry Potter Meme of the Week:
Tehe, I love it! Two of the greatest movies of all time merged into one! 

What are you loving this week?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Life Update and some news!

Well, I'm back and I'm back with a video! Find out what I've been up to below. Sorry if it's a little, incy-wincy bit rambly - practise makes perfect and I certainly need practise! Be kind and thanks for watching. Hopefully I'll return to regular blogging soon!

A bit about Arbonne for if you'd like to know more:

  • Arbonne is an award winning, Swiss Ultra Premium skincare and cosmetic brand which is run through a network marketing platform, meaning that it is sold only through independent consultants who are trained in knowledge of the products and can share them with people in person and built their own business around Arbonne.
  • Arbonne is 100% vegan and cruelty free - that means no animal by products and no animal testing whatsoever!
  • All Arbonne products are botanically based, and free of nasty petrochemicals, parabens, phalates, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals.
  • Arbonne's RE9 Advanced anti-aging set is the world's #1 anti-aging product
  • Arbonne's Primer is also a world #1 product
If you would like to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments or shoot me an email, I'd love to tell you all about Arbonne's products and the Arbonne opportunity! 

If you'd like to buy any Arbonne products, you can use my Arbonne Independent Consultant ID to join as a client (it's totally free to join up) or you can join as a preferred client for just $27 and receive 20% off all products including your first order, as well as qualifying for a free product if you spend $195 in one transaction in your first month. My ID is: 613297231 and the items will be shipped to you directly. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Things I Love Tuesday v.2

I love all the bright colours in this room! And that light!

This is a bookshop in France. How cool is it?

Mum has an old ladder somewhere and I'm hoping to convince her to give it to me when I move so I can do this!

Who doesn't love a nomming dinosaur?

So many pretty colours!

Harry Potter Meme of the Week:

This was exactly my reaction to this meme. Exactly.

Also Loving:

♥ I saw Matt Corby live last Tuesday and it was amazing! This interview really shows how down to earth he is and how much passion he has for what he does. I love it.
♥ Leona has a new niece and I am so happy for her! She has been talking about this for ages so it must have been so exciting finally getting to meet the beautiful little thing!
♥ Alice shared this post a while ago and it really made me think! It's definitely worth a read/watch.
♥ Megan once again shows us all up in all her mermaid glory in this post!
♥ Oh, and Alice also shared this post - fashion advice from her childhood self. I love it!
Autumn got a pet pig for her birthday! How cool is that?
♥ The Australian Capital Territory passed a law today to allow same sex marriage! Tony Abbott and his evil henchmen are planning on challenging it in the High Court, claiming that it's unconstitutional, but it's still one step closer to equal marriage in Australia and if it survives this challenge, other Aussie states are sure to jump on board!

Links to any pictures used in this post can be found on my Pinterest

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Ultimate Thriftlist Edition!

I really want to get back to writing more vintage-related posts on the blog, so I thought that for today's wishlist it might be a nice idea to show you all the vintage items I am always looking out for in op shops and secondhand stores. A lot of these item are really popular at the moment and, as with most good quality vintage, rarely grace my local op shop's shelves but they certainly would be a dream-come-true to own! 

Vintage Canisters


 Vintage Suitcases


Mid-Century Furniture


Vintage dresses


A Queen-Sized Chenille Bedspread


All of these items have been on my wishlist for a very long time now and are what I look out for most when thrifting. I recently picked up a double-seized chenille bedspread at a garage sale, but it is just plain yellow and I would love something a little more ornate. I also found the cutest vintage rice canister at my local op shop along with the first reasonably priced vintage suitcase that I've seen, but it was in really bad condition and I didn't have the cash on me for the suitcase when I popped in, as I was only there to fill in time before an appointment. Oh well, I will tick these babies off the list someday! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Things I Love Tuesday v.1

I've decided that "Love From the Interwebs" doesn't really cut it as a feature, because from time to time, I may want to share other things with you all. So, after just one week, this little feature has been renamed and given a new breath of life. And on to the things...

I am LOVING the fact that Tommy Franklin, AKA Salty Rain Man, AKA Byron Bay's very own Dancing Man got into the finals of Australia's Got Talent. For years Tommy has been putting smiles on the faces of everyone who has the pleasure of seeing him dancing around Byron Bay, and I'm so glad that he is able to spread those smiles to everyone in Australia. Check out and the Splendour in the Grass ad that he was the star of here, and I dare you not to smile while you watch!

Kaelah's DIY Geometric Glitter Wall is to die for! Ever since seeing this, I go to bed at night wondering how the heck I'm going to convince Jake to let me do this one day. He has already agreed happily to make me the tea cup lights from this post, so I don't want to push my luck!

Everything about this outfit. Oh, also - the fact that I am finally feeling comfortable and confident with my personal style. Girly florals, pastels, frills and all!

Ella, the Queen of Cake, made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I am so excited to give the recipe a go!

Pastel hair. Especially this shade of pink.

Harry Potter Meme of the Week:

This one was picked out especially for Becky.

Also Loving:

♥ This open letter to Miley Cyrus by AriZona Iced Tea is absolutely freaking amaze balls.
♥ I got a cute little email today telling me that I won a 25 pound (I don't have the symbol for it on my Aussie keyboard) voucher to The Oriental Magpie in Erica's Birthday Giveaway!
This is the most beautiful HONY story ever!
♥ Lipstick and nail polish - my two new obsessions thanks to blogging, and especially thanks to Ella.
♥ Oh, and only 11 more days until I get to move home!!!

Disclaimer: All links to pictures used, unless otherwise provided in this post, can be found on my pinterest.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Summer lovin'

Summer lovin'

It's not even halfway through spring in Australia right now, and already temperatures are above 30 degrees C. This means I am already trying to cover up my pale, freckly skin when I go outside and I'm in desperate need of fashionable, reasonably sun-safe outfits that can be thrown over swimmers this summer.

On Sunday while waiting for my fish and chips at The Bream Hole in Lennox Head, Jake and I decided to browse the surf shop next door. Neither of us seem to go in there often for some reason, so I was surprised at how much of the stuff in there I fell in love with! Originally I just wanted a simple black skirt which was on the sale rack outside for $30, but when I went in to try it on, I just fell in love with these high-waisted shorts! I've wanted some high-waisted denim for so long, and these are just perfect. The cross-stitch detail is so cute and adds the perfect vintage-style touch. I also found a gorgeous brown felt hat with feathers all around the base, but I can't find it anywhere online! Jake convinced me to lay-by them so I can spread out the investment (because it's obviously an investment buying $70 shorts) over a couple of weeks, so I should be able to get them out next weekend.

With these shorts, I've created two different summer looks which I think would be perfect for lazy summer days in Lennox Head, and which I know will translate perfectly from beach wear, to an outfit I can wear out to lunch, or browsing the local markets. The red saltwater shoes are an especially exciting addition to this wish list, as I've been coveting them for ages and they retail for about $110 in shops around Byron. The Iconic's price is a total bargain, and I'm pretty sure I could get an extra 10% off with Unidays as well.

The trend I am most excited about this summer is obviously hats, as I have always considered it important to shade my face while I'm outside (mostly in an attempt to fade my freckles) and the massive range available at the moment excited me so much! As well as the pretty, feathery hat I saw in the surf shop, I would love a plain black felt one, and a couple of straw ones as well for a little bit of choice when accessorising my summer outfits.

Are there any summer trends exciting you this year? Or even if it's Autumn where you are, what are you most excited about for the coming season? For me it's definitely 3 months off uni and lazy beach days!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quality Time

I love spending quality time with Jake! Last week was a very emotional and heart-breaking week for me, where I really need to just focus on my family and the personal crises which we were going through at the time (not really uplifting blog material, so I'll leave it at that). He couldn't be with me at my parents' place through the week due to work commitments so come Sunday, I was really craving some quality time with my man!
Killen Falls

Jake and I decided that it was the perfect day for a picnic and a swim, but since it was so hot at the beach, and we didn't have a beach umbrella, we decided to take a trip out to Killen Falls instead for a romantic picnic and a dip in the waterhole. We sat up under the rock ledge at the base of the waterfall enjoying the view and munching on fish and chips and cheese and biscuits with a cool lemon, lime and bitters in hand for the better part of the afternoon. The atmosphere at the waterfall was so nice, and sitting under the rock ledge was nice and cool in the heat of the day. We watched turtles swim around on the surface, and fish jump out of the water, with their scales glinting in the sun. We talked, we laughed and just really got to appreciate the beautiful place we live in. Both of us wondered why we don't go out to Killen Falls more often - it is only 10 minutes away, after all!

Quick instagram photo to document a nice day

In the end, we decided against swimming in the icy cold, fresh water and headed home around 5, lapping up the benefits of the first day of daylight savings. Spending time just chilling out like that was so great! we both had such a fantastic day that when we woke up on Monday morning, we decided to do it all again, but at the beach that time! Hooray for long weekends, secret deserted beaches, pretty waterfalls and my first big swim where I stayed in for longer than 5 minutes of the season!
Jake at The Point a week or so ago. The Secret Beach is behind his head :)

Jake and I will definitely be going back to The Secret Beach and Killen Falls regularly this summer. Do you have any special spots around where you live where you like to chill out with a significant other?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

A while back I was doing a mass book order from The Book Depository and asked for suggestions from a few fellow book-lovers on Twitter as to what might my geeky brain might find worth reading. Kirsty and Megan both suggested Cinder, which they described as "Cinderella, except it's set in the future and she is a cyborg". Well, being the massive sic-fi geek that I am, and being an avid lover of all things princess, I just had to check this book out for myself, and it turns out it's bloody brilliant!

One of the most important things to me when I am reading a book is that the setting and characters are easy to picture. When I'm reading I expect he words on the pages to become a moving image in my head, and this book paints the scene and the characters brilliantly on my brain's canvas without over-describing anything. The storyline is great, albeit a little predictable due to the whole based on a fairytale thing, and the characters are so endearing that a few times throughout the book they actually made me weep!

Cinder is a character whom I strongly admire and relate to, and Prince Kai will charm you off your feet! The whole book is written in such a simple, emotive way that it really allows the reader to connect, and I knocked it over in about a day and a half, I was so immersed in the storyline.

Now, this book is actually the first in a series of which only the first two books are out, so if you ant to read it, be sure that you can take the heartbreak that comes with finishing a book on a cliff-hanging note and having to wait months on end to see what happens next. It's a tough life when you are so connected to the characters that they could be your best friend! 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Love From the Interwebs

One of my favourite things in the world is Leona's Wednesday Loves posts, because we both have such similar taste. I know these type posts aren't uncommon, but the fact that I love discovering and sharing new things so much means that I've decided to jump on the copycat bandwagon. BUT I am going o give myself a limit of five things to share each week and try to make them different from each other. Oh, and there will always be at least one thing related to Harry Potter. So, without further ado!

These tea cup lights are so cute! I'm saving this project for when I own my own home, and have enough power over Jake to convince him to make them for me. They'd be great mood lighting! Since Pinterest didn't have a proper link to the DIY with instructions, I guess I can count myself lucky that my boyfriend is a sparky. These lights will be mine someday!

This house tour with Andrea McArdle on A Beautiful Mess is just like a vision of my perfectly decorated home! Who isn't into the mid-century look these days? Besides, I'm about to move and the most excited part of moving is redecorating! If only I had a couch that awesome!

My friend Darci sent me this pin, and the caption was "After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Dementors had to start taking more drastic approaches.."I think it's so clever and funny! I probably wouldn't think it was funny if I was the poor girl lying on the ground with no soul, though!

I can so relate to this meme. Pinterest, thou art an expensive bitch. 

Last of all, how delicious do these sugar cookie bars look? They reming me of 100's and 1000's biscuits which I always used to beg mum to buy me as a kid. I can't remember the amount of times my sister and I snuck them into the shopping trolley. Mum used to get so pissed at us because they're basically just sugar and they're quite expensive. I'll have to give this recipe a go to relive childhood memories. Although it calls for shortening and I have no idea what that is, except there's a song about shortening bread which mum used to sing to us as kids.