Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Things I Love Tuesday v.2

I love all the bright colours in this room! And that light!

This is a bookshop in France. How cool is it?

Mum has an old ladder somewhere and I'm hoping to convince her to give it to me when I move so I can do this!

Who doesn't love a nomming dinosaur?

So many pretty colours!

Harry Potter Meme of the Week:

This was exactly my reaction to this meme. Exactly.

Also Loving:

♥ I saw Matt Corby live last Tuesday and it was amazing! This interview really shows how down to earth he is and how much passion he has for what he does. I love it.
♥ Leona has a new niece and I am so happy for her! She has been talking about this for ages so it must have been so exciting finally getting to meet the beautiful little thing!
♥ Alice shared this post a while ago and it really made me think! It's definitely worth a read/watch.
♥ Megan once again shows us all up in all her mermaid glory in this post!
♥ Oh, and Alice also shared this post - fashion advice from her childhood self. I love it!
Autumn got a pet pig for her birthday! How cool is that?
♥ The Australian Capital Territory passed a law today to allow same sex marriage! Tony Abbott and his evil henchmen are planning on challenging it in the High Court, claiming that it's unconstitutional, but it's still one step closer to equal marriage in Australia and if it survives this challenge, other Aussie states are sure to jump on board!

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