Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Summer lovin'

Summer lovin'

It's not even halfway through spring in Australia right now, and already temperatures are above 30 degrees C. This means I am already trying to cover up my pale, freckly skin when I go outside and I'm in desperate need of fashionable, reasonably sun-safe outfits that can be thrown over swimmers this summer.

On Sunday while waiting for my fish and chips at The Bream Hole in Lennox Head, Jake and I decided to browse the surf shop next door. Neither of us seem to go in there often for some reason, so I was surprised at how much of the stuff in there I fell in love with! Originally I just wanted a simple black skirt which was on the sale rack outside for $30, but when I went in to try it on, I just fell in love with these high-waisted shorts! I've wanted some high-waisted denim for so long, and these are just perfect. The cross-stitch detail is so cute and adds the perfect vintage-style touch. I also found a gorgeous brown felt hat with feathers all around the base, but I can't find it anywhere online! Jake convinced me to lay-by them so I can spread out the investment (because it's obviously an investment buying $70 shorts) over a couple of weeks, so I should be able to get them out next weekend.

With these shorts, I've created two different summer looks which I think would be perfect for lazy summer days in Lennox Head, and which I know will translate perfectly from beach wear, to an outfit I can wear out to lunch, or browsing the local markets. The red saltwater shoes are an especially exciting addition to this wish list, as I've been coveting them for ages and they retail for about $110 in shops around Byron. The Iconic's price is a total bargain, and I'm pretty sure I could get an extra 10% off with Unidays as well.

The trend I am most excited about this summer is obviously hats, as I have always considered it important to shade my face while I'm outside (mostly in an attempt to fade my freckles) and the massive range available at the moment excited me so much! As well as the pretty, feathery hat I saw in the surf shop, I would love a plain black felt one, and a couple of straw ones as well for a little bit of choice when accessorising my summer outfits.

Are there any summer trends exciting you this year? Or even if it's Autumn where you are, what are you most excited about for the coming season? For me it's definitely 3 months off uni and lazy beach days!

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