Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quality Time

I love spending quality time with Jake! Last week was a very emotional and heart-breaking week for me, where I really need to just focus on my family and the personal crises which we were going through at the time (not really uplifting blog material, so I'll leave it at that). He couldn't be with me at my parents' place through the week due to work commitments so come Sunday, I was really craving some quality time with my man!
Killen Falls

Jake and I decided that it was the perfect day for a picnic and a swim, but since it was so hot at the beach, and we didn't have a beach umbrella, we decided to take a trip out to Killen Falls instead for a romantic picnic and a dip in the waterhole. We sat up under the rock ledge at the base of the waterfall enjoying the view and munching on fish and chips and cheese and biscuits with a cool lemon, lime and bitters in hand for the better part of the afternoon. The atmosphere at the waterfall was so nice, and sitting under the rock ledge was nice and cool in the heat of the day. We watched turtles swim around on the surface, and fish jump out of the water, with their scales glinting in the sun. We talked, we laughed and just really got to appreciate the beautiful place we live in. Both of us wondered why we don't go out to Killen Falls more often - it is only 10 minutes away, after all!

Quick instagram photo to document a nice day

In the end, we decided against swimming in the icy cold, fresh water and headed home around 5, lapping up the benefits of the first day of daylight savings. Spending time just chilling out like that was so great! we both had such a fantastic day that when we woke up on Monday morning, we decided to do it all again, but at the beach that time! Hooray for long weekends, secret deserted beaches, pretty waterfalls and my first big swim where I stayed in for longer than 5 minutes of the season!
Jake at The Point a week or so ago. The Secret Beach is behind his head :)

Jake and I will definitely be going back to The Secret Beach and Killen Falls regularly this summer. Do you have any special spots around where you live where you like to chill out with a significant other?

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