Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Classy for Christmas*

Lindley dress: c/o Joules
Shoes: unknown (they were my formal shoes 2 years ago)
Necklace: Equip
Bangle: mum's
Ring: gift from Jake

This beautiful dress from Joules clothing arrived in my mail box just in time for the Christmas season! Already I have worn it to a work Christmas party and I was so pleased with how well fitting and comfortable it is.I honestly felt so beautiful and classy the whole night! 

For me, this is the perfect dress for the holiday season. Being navy, it does stray from traditional Christmas colours a little, but the subtle gold pattern on the dress glinting under soft light still made me feel really festive! The classic cut of the dress totally sells it to me. I find it really flattering for my figure and think it is exactly the sort of classy yet comfortable dress my wardrobe was missing. I also really have to commend the quality of this dress. It feels so luxurious on and mum and I went over the seams (as you do when you're sewing nutters) and I honestly couldn't find a single fault on the whole garment.  Massive thanks to Joules for giving me something pretty to wear this season, and for many seasons to come! 

Also making a debut on the blog today is my new fringe! I really wanted a full fringe, but my stupid cowlick won't allow for it, so the best friend/hair dresser and I settled for a side fringe instead. It has been years since I had a fringe, but I love the way it frames my face. 

I hope you all are having a lovely start to December. Tell me, how do you plan on dressing for Christmassy events in the coming weeks? Will you be in traditional Christmas colours, or will you stray from the red, gold and green a little like I have? Happy Holidays!

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