Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Little Birthday Dress Wish List

Birthday dress wish list

Birthday dress wish list by sunae-reilly featuring an anchor dress

My birthday has totally snuck up on me this year (it's on Monday) and I am absolutely beside myself because I forgot to buy something pretty to wear for the big day! I have been coveting a dress from Bonne Chance Collections for absolutely ages and always planned on buying one to be my birthday dress "in my next pay". Well, my next pay came and went, then came again and I still haven't purchased one and now it is too late. There is no way a dress from Bonne Chance could get here by Monday, but a girl can dream so I put together this little wish list of my favourite dresses from their collection, each of them just so perfectly suited to my style that they certainly would make me feel like a princess on my big day! 

I'm not really doing anything too special on my birthday - just spending the day with my best friend (who knows what we will get up to!) and having my aunty, my cousin and my other best friend around for dinner that night, so whatever I might end up wearing on Monday, I'd like to keep it pretty yet casual to suit the laidback way I'll be spending my day. Each of these dresses are ones I would get a lot of use out of over the hot summer months we are experiencing at the moment in Australia, and I can see quite a few of them transitioning well into autumn and winter with the addition of tights, cardigans and jumpers to cosy them up a little. 

I'm almost certain I won't find anything this cute to wear from my local shops by Monday, so tell me, which of these dresses is your favourite and if I had more time, which do you think I'd be best off buying for my big day?

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