Wednesday, 22 August 2012


So, I have decided that starting a blog is excellent motivation for actually making things to put on the blog (also makes me want to buy an amazing, expensive camera  - but that will have to wait) so tonight I made a bit of a springboard of crafts/sewing projects I want to make.

Here it is!

I'm posting it so that I will have to follow through and actually make these things! As you can probably tell, I'm absolutely loving sewing things for kids at the moment and am actually hoping to start up my own little business soon selling things on Etsy and at the local markets. So far I only have a lot of hair clips and brooches, but I did do a variation of the pillowcase dress for my neice the other day, and am in the process of doing another for my stockpile. Also have ordered a fat quarter bundle off Ebay cos I couldn't find one cheap enough that I liked from my local Spotlight or Lincraft to try a variation of the fat quarter pillowcase dress pictured, of which there is a great tutorial on The Mother Huddle. I think I'll be making a few of those, with different variations are they are super quick, a great thing to make to get used to my new overlocker, and extremely cute and sellable! Also excited to try the super easy lace crowns which you can find on the website given in the picture, the doily bottomed curtains, and the lace skirt which is courtesy of girl. Inspired., although she doesn't offer a tutorial or pattern, so I'm going to have to make that one up as I go. Definitely making myself one of those, as well as a few mini ones to sell, and possibly larger ones to sell too? Still not quite sure whether to limit what I sell and focus on a target audience, or just go for broke and make whatever the heck I feel like! (I'm guessing I'll probably do the latter).

Anyway, after all this ranting, I still dont feel like'I've done a "real" post yet, so I better get cracking on a project tomorrow after work!

NOTE: edited on 9/9/12 due to picture not being visible. Originally posted on August when I started this blog.

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