Wednesday, 17 April 2013

An A to Z of Me: D is for...

D is for Dog

It is no big secret that I am a dog person. In fact, if I wasn't afraid of heights, I would probably shout it from the rooftops. For the majority of my life I have owned a dog, and both of my dogs have turned out to be somewhat like a best friend. I am absolutely your typical dog person, too. I really don't like cats. They totally creep me out with how sly and silent they are.  I dunno about you, but I am pretty sure that they are actually evil. I have never met a cat that didn't hiss at me, scratch me, bite me or stare at me intently until I got so creeped out that I ran away. Weirdly enough, big dogs barely scare me at all! Unless they are actually chasing me down or trying to bite me, which thankfully has only happened once in my life. 

My first dog was an absolutely beautiful, old Rottweiler. He was absolutely massive and my parents had him before I was born so he was well and truly a part of the family! I remember him being a total gentle giant. He used to just lope around the yard, have a good nap in the sun and just generally chill out with me all day. He loved the beach, and we took him there loads of times. He was a star swimmer, and once actually rescued someone who was drowning in the river! All in all, I have never understood why people consider Rottweilers dangerous. My own experience having one was nothing but positive! We even have pictures of me as a baby actually riding on Rocky's back! The only time he ever came close to hurting me was when I was patting him once and he knocked me over from his enthusiasm. I was absolutely devastated when we had to get him put down. I was only four years old at the time, and I cried and cried all day when mum told me Rocky had gone to heaven. Then mum cried, and dad cried and we all just sat in my room crying over losing our beautiful dog. We had to do it though, he had been run over a few months before and had to have his leg amputated, then the stump of his leg got infected and he had so mud trouble walking that it really was the only thing mum and dad could do. 

After Rocky we didn't get another dog until after I started high school. We just didn't have the space for one. Getting Coke was one of the best things my family has ever done, in my opinion. He is such a character, and so clever too! He is such a massive part of our family, and I have been missing him so much since I moved! We never really planned on getting a new dog, but we are all really glad that we did. 

He tucks himself into bed, with his head on the pillow like a human. 

It all started when my aunty came around to our house with her new puppy, Dora. She was such a cute little scruff ball! We all fell in love with her instantly and begged and pleaded with mum and dad to let us get one! Thankfully dad was on board with the idea and was actually just about as excited as we were at the prospect of getting a new dog. We called up the pet shop where Dora was from, and they only had one of the Jack Russell cross Mini Foxy pups left. This made dad a little sceptical of him, but we jumped in the car anyway and headed to Lismore to meet the little pup. When we got to the pet shop, our little Cokey was sleeping. We waited around and chatted with the owner for a while, giving him a chance to wake up and show us what sort of temperament he had. When we finally all sat down around his cage and he was let out, he was so excited and we all instantly fell in love! His ears perked up at the sight of us and there he went, from person to person sniffing, licking and jumping all over us before settling into my lap exhausted and deciding to try for another nap. We couldn't get him home quick enough! 

Coke with 15 stitches in his leg after recent surgery.

Ever since, Coke has been such a central part of our family. He has grown into such a beautiful, smart dog who captures everyone's hearts with his free spirit and cheeky temperament. He is always on the go, and loves to play. He can jump really high - like to my shoulder height, he can open doors and windows and he is beautifully built for a de-sexed, cross-bred dog. The vet comments every time we take him on how muscular he is compared to a regular, desexed dog of his cross-breed and often he is mistaken for a full Jack Russell. I have suffered health-wise quite a bit through the last few years, and Coke has been a constant companion to me through all of that. Despite regularly being a very high energy dog, when someone in the family is hurt or sick, he will not leave there side! He will climb up onto the bed beside you, curl up with you and stay with you all day if he thinks you're not feeling well. He is such a great companion. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that little guy! 
Lucky for me, Jake is a massive dog person too. We can't wait until we aren't renting anymore and can finally get another dog. At the moment, the breeds we most like are Dachshund and Border Collie, but of course I would definitely be open to getting another Rottweiler or Jack Russell puppy!

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