Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Featured Sponsor: MamaNene from Serger Pepper

You may have noticed I have a couple of ads on my sidebar of late. I am really hoping to keep this up from now on so that I can afford to buy my own spots on others' sidebars and just generally keep up with the demands of this blog. MamaNene was my first ever sponsor on Little Foal. She won the space in my 100 follower giveaway and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her sewing skills are so enviable and she truly is a master of refashioning things! I recently asked her to share a bit about her blog with me and answer the question "what inspires you creatively in your day-to-day life?" Here is what she had to say...

Let's talk about Serger Pepper...
My very first post is from November 2012, when I've known that Santa Claus was giving me a Serger! Is all about my journey on sewing, mostly clothes, and refashioning too... I've lately discovered that I like to draft patterns and share them. All around this there's my passion on photo editing and graphic creations (this is part of my real life work too, I often create flyers and posters for the swimming pool I work into).
I'm also strongly against disposable objects (my daughter used to wear washable diapers I've sewn, we only use fabric tissues and so on...) and I love to found new life to old things, so I often make new clothes from old curtains, other clothes or blanket and sheets!
I love to write in both Italian and English, because there aren't a lot of sewing blog written in italian but I love to reach the big international english-speaking public, also if my English isn't the one used to be when, 20 years ago, I studied it at school! But I hope it's understandable :)
And now: your question!
In my day by day I love to"think outside the box": when we need something, I try to think "How can I make it?", instead of "Where can I buy it?"...and then I finish putting FOE on T-shirts an sewing Panties instead of going to the shop :)
I'd really like to embellish a little more my creations, but I'm mostly a practical girl, trying to satisfy needs instead of researching beauty
Kisses and hugs,

Thank you so much for sharing, MamaNene! I truly admire your eco-consciousness and love all of the things you make! I hope that all my readers will pop over to Serger Pepper to see some of your wonderful creations, too :)

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