Monday, 3 March 2014

The First Annual Leonardo DiCaprio Awards

So, my main man Leo yet again walks away from the Academy Awards today without an Oscar and leaves me feeling like this:

Seriously, how many amazing roles does he have to play before he gets a freaking Oscar, huh? So, I decided that Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an award night all of his own, and so without further ado, The First Annual Leonardo DiCaprio Awards were born! I turned to twitter for some nominations from my pals, and here we are with seven awards going out to the fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio tonight! And the awards are...

Best Smile

Most Roles as Hopeless Romantic Who Dies For His Love

Most Age-Defying Man

Best Sport at the Oscars

Nominated by Steph for "Being women of her age's first love"

Nominated by Amy for "The little pile of unused Oscar acceptance speeches he probably has by his bed" Award

This picture of Leo crying is made u of tiny little pictures of previous Oscar winners.

Nominted by Sam for "Putting up with Kate Winslet's annoying Rose voice"

Now, a round of applause for Leo, who not only won all of these awards, but won my heart (aww).
Do you have any other awards to give to Leo? Leave a comment below with your nominations!

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