Thursday, 18 April 2013

"The Voice"

Reality TV in this day and age is inescapable. Typically, this crap doesn't suck me in, but there are one or two shows which get me hook, line and sinker every season. One of those is My Kitchen Rules, which is drawing to a close, 'babes' and the other is The Voice. Now, I'm not sure why I love MKR so much (oh wait, FOOD! and being nosy and getting to see other people's kitchens) but I do know what appeals to me about The Voice. Firstly, Seal, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem. Secondly, it's a blind audition show, so people aren't discriminated against on looks and the judges pick their teams first up on vocal capabilities alone. I think this is just awesome, especially after years of watching Idol, where all the judges seem to do is comment on how fat or ugly or "lacking an image" the contestants might be and talent is seemingly forgotten. The blind audition is a great concept for TV, really and I love it.

So, being a daydreamer (as I am) and being completely and utterly tone deaf (as I also am), watching The Voice the other night got me thinking - if I didn't sound like nails on a chalkboard when I sung, who would I most like to sound like? And which of their songs would I choose to show off my (mythical) vocal talent if I ever auditioned for The Voice?

Well, here is a little list for you:

Hayley Williams (Paramore)

The first song above, All I Wanted, is one of my absolute favourite songs ever. It really (and I mean really) shows off Hayley's incredible voice in a way I don't think any of their other songs does. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to be able to pull off those crazy, high notes but god would I love to find out! (So far any attempts on my part of singing this song have been in the car, by myself with the volume up loud enough to drown out my voice, but I'll let you all know if I ever actually do hit a single note in this song). 

The second song, Hallelujah, just strikes a chord with me. I don't really know what to say about it other then WHOAH!

Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Amy Lee couldn't possibly go without a mention here, I mean THAT VOICE!!!! No one can deny wishing they could sing like that. She is awesome, this song is awesome and I love her.

Amy Findlay (Stonefield)

Now, al you readers, listen up! You MUST listen to the above Stonefield songs or unfollow this blog immediately. Yep, you heard me - these girls are incredible and I will disown you if you disagree. Stonefield is comprised of four sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly, aged 15-22, from rural Victoria who absolutely shred it up! They were the winners of Triple J's Unearthed High competition two years ago for their song Foreign Lover, but it wasn't until Triple J started playing the first song above, Black Water Rising, that I first heard them and fell in love with them. Since then I have seen them live twice, so can fully vouch for their awesomeness. I have both their EP's, two shirts (one signed) and can't wait until their album drops this year. There is nothing I love more than an all girl rock band, and Stonefield are the best I've heard yet. If you did what I asked and listened to the above, then I'm sure you know why I want Amy's voice and I'm telling you now - if I ever developed any sort of musical talent, I'd cover all of their songs in a heartbeat, but especially the two above!

Regina Spektor

So, this one is a little bit different to the genres above, but if you get a song-bird voice in the lottery instead of the voice of a rock god, you've gotta showcase it the best you can, and in my opinion there is no sweeter songbird voice than Regina Spektor's and no more beautiful song than this one.

Are you a gifted songbird? Or, like me, do you just wish you were? I'd love to hear what artists and songs you would most love to audition with!

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