Thursday, 4 April 2013

Where have I been? Never a dull moment, is there?

I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for the last two weeks, and here is my explanation. Last week I came down with the most horrible flu - fevers, sore throat, headaches, no sleep. It was the worst! I was completely bedridden up until Saturday and am still not feeling quite right. My house was a disaster zone, I was having major troubles with looking after myself because I had zero energy and there was no food to be found anywhere. Thankfully, my mum and sister came to the rescue by coming up on Thursday night and stocking the cupboards, looking after me and doing all my cleaning for me. Seriously, it's times like those where only a mummy hug does the trick and I'm so lucky to have such a great mum who will drop everything to be here for me.

Jake came up too, on Friday afternoon and he was totally amazing what with me being sick and everything. It never ceases to amaze me how great he is when my health isn't quite up there. He really comes into his own then and shows me how much he cares. I don't think there's anything that guy wouldn't do for me. To show my appreciation of him and my sister (who is a total germophobe but came and helped me out anyway), I shouted them to see the new GI Joe movie on Saturday afternoon when I was feeling strong enough to venture out of the house. It was a good movie but Shoni and I were devastated by the lack of Channing Tatum screen-time (completely understandable, right?) and then we all headed out to dinner at this cheap little Italian place in Cooly which had totally delicious food for $15 for two courses!

Sunday, we headed down to Lennox for Easter and that is where I have been for the last 5 days. With no Internet. I managed to catch up with some friends and family while I was down home, having an impromptu sleepover with one of my besties and my gorgeous cousin who I miss very much since moving up here, and going to the Crystal Castle with my other bestie yesterday for a bit of a frolic and a catch up, which I will tell you about tomorrow ;)

It was also Jake's birthday yesterday and I made him a delicious cake to have after a nice, quiet family dinner. He worked all day (poor thing) so we decided to keep everything low-key with just me, his parents and his brother in on the celebrations. That gave the two of us time to hit the beach in the afternoon for a spot of kiteboarding before tea, which is always interesting to say the least.

There wasn't quite enough wind for Jake to actually get on the board on his relatively small, 7m kite, so he asked if I wanted a turn. I wasn't really in the mood, especially since I'm still not feeling 100% but he reminded me that I'll never get the hang of it if I don't practice, so I gave in and hooked myself into a harness. Last time I went with him, I got dragged 20m down the beach when I lost control of the kite, so this time I made him hold onto the back of me to keep me grounded. I started off okay, keeping the kite in the air and moving pretty well, but then I got a little over-confident. The kite was choking a little because I had the lines too tight, so I gave it a little turn to keep it in the sky. Then it was straight up over my head (too high), so I gave it another little tug to get it back down where I could see it. Unfortunately for me, kites are extremely sensitive, and get their pulling power by you turning them and I turned this kite a little too hard and fast. I got absolutely wrenched up into the air, and out of Jake's reach, then, as the kite plummeted back down to Earth, so did I, thumping down onto the hard sand. I was in so. much. pain! It was shooting up into my legs from my knees, and somehow I managed to roll over and sit up while still attached to the kite, where I rocked back and forth until I got over the shock of my landing.

Jake wasn't very sympathetic at first, since I landed the kite in the dunes, but once he realised I was hurt he was absolutely guilt-ridden and oozing sympathy. He got me unhooked, and packed away the kite, which seemed to take absolutely forever, then he helped me into the car and got me home to ice and elevate my right knee which was absolutely pounding by this stage! I felt soooo bad that it was his birthday and he was forced to wait on me with my gimp leg, but he barely minded at all. Today I woke up radiating pain from both knees, my left hip and my right rib cage and decided I deserved a lie-in before I headed home. I am pretty sure a doctor's visit is in order tomorrow, as my leg is killing me and it's so swollen I'm not quite sure what to do :/

So there - that is why I have been absent from blog land lately. Not a worry though - I have plenty of ideas zapping through my mind to keep you sated over the next week or so, so check back again tomorrow for a little more on the Crystal Castle!

What did you do this Easter? I hope your break was less painful and sickly than mine was!

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