Tuesday, 19 February 2013

120 lovely People!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe my eyes!

To think that it was only 6 months ago that I started this blog... All I can say is that I am shocked at how far I have come since then, and it is all thanks to you, my lovely readers! 

Hitting the 100 mark is always a big deal in blog-land, but to actually double my following overnight - I'm blown away! Thank you all for taking the time to follow, to leave lovely little comments and for simply reading what I write! It means so much to me to think that what I write on here has value to some of you, and that maybe my posts can make someone smile, or laugh or feel nostalgic. That's the stuff that makes a blog worth writing! 

To welcome all of my lovely, new readers and reward those of you who have stuck by me over the months, I have decided I'd like to do my very first giveaway. If you're a long-term reader who would like to contribute something, please don't hesitate to contact me, and in the meantime, I am going to get my thinking cap on to figure out what I should offer up and how I want the giveaway to run :)

The giveaway will happen next week sometime. More details coming soon, and thank you all for continuing to support my blog! 

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