Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thank you mum!

Remember how I told you all in my last Friday's Finds post about my mum giving me a whole heap of antique serving ware that she didn't want anymore? Well I finally unpacked it all and got a few photos! I am yet to find somewhere to actually put it all, but I couldn't hold off any longer - I just had to get it all out and share it with you guys. 

Pretty good score, huh?
I'm still pinching myself that she actually gave me all of this! This is the majority of the good china that I wasn't allowed to touch as a kid. Unbelievable! I feel so lucky to have grown up with parents who love antiques and nurture my own developing passion for them. I almost thought dad would pull the pin on me taking all of this, but he surprised me by not saying anything. Maybe the fact that they are moving soon is starting to sink in, and he is realising there is no way he wants to pack and unpack all this stuff which sits unused in cupboards all year long? 

Here are a few of my favourite things that mum gave me:

Alfred Meakin "Gloria" and Grindley 
These plates are super pretty. These photos don't do them justice! I love the blue and orange of the one on the left, and it fits right in with the decor that Jake and I have in our lounge/dining right now, and the one on the right just steals my heart every time I look at it! I don't know why, but I love it. Probably because I know mum loves it haha.

Delft candle holder
I'm obsessed with blue and white right now for decor because its pretty, but not so feminine that Jake doesn't like it. There are some classic patterns in blue and white and I love Delft's blue and white wares almost as much as I love Blue Willow.

Royal Staffordshire serving plate and New Hall Hanley cake plates.
This serving plate is probably my most coveted and cherished item that mum gave me. She always used to pull it out to put biscuits or cakes on when we had visitors, but for some reason stopped doing that a few years ago. I have childhood memories attached to this serving plate, and think it's beautiful. I also love these little cake plates - so simple and pretty. I think they will see a fair bit of use in my household.

Royal Doulton saucers. 
These saucers were given to my mum by my dad, and kickstarted her massive collection of Doulton plates about 25 years ago. They are incredibly special to me, even though one has a massive crack through it, and they will be displayed in my bedroom on my chest of drawers.

Lord Nelson Ware bowl and Bell China saucer
I love the garden scenes on these pieces of china. They would be absolutely perfect in a little girl's room! I used to call the Bell plate "the Mary, Mary plate' when I was little because the scene on it reminds me of the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" which mum used to sing to me when I was little.

Price Bros. Cottage Ware
I used to think these were doll's houses when I was little, but there was no way mum would ever let me near enough to touch, let alone play with them! Mum loved them, so I love them. I can't wait til I have a coffee table or something to put them on!

Elizabethan "Chantilly", Royal Doulton "English Rose" and Pontesa cake plates
These plates are just super pretty and that's all there is to it.

Schumann Germany trinket bowl thingy
I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be for, but I love it! It's super classy.

Old Chelsea Trio
By now, you should all know about my utter obsession with tea and tea cups, so it shouldn't surprise you that this trio sets my heart a'flutter! So delicate and purple and pretty!

"Gloria" by Royal Stafford cup and saucer
Infinity pretties.

Old Foley Tennis Set
Oh my gosh, this is possibly going to be my favourite cup to drink out of this winter. Whoever invented tennis sets is a genius - a saucer and a plate for my cookies all in one? Yes please! Plus, it's super pretty!

H & K Tunstall serving bowls, Alfred Meakin plate and Empire Ware salad bowl
These pieces of serving ware absolutely delight me with how they look so "matchy-matchy" on the table. Plus, the serving bowls were my grandad's, which makes them extra special, because I don't have much which reminds me of him. 

So, there you have it, my whopping new collection of antique serving ware, including a breakdown of my favourites and evidence that I'm not very good at culling down when it comes to favourite antiques! Now I just need to make some friends on the Gold Coast who might want to come around for tea :)

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