Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Oh my goodness! I have my first O-week activity for uni tomorrow and I am absolutely freaking out guys! This moment has been such a long, long moment in the making and now it is finally here, I am beside myself with nerves! I'm so worried that I won't make a good impression, or might find it hard making friends, and I'm so worried that I'm not going to be able to keep up with my workload that I've been sitting here all night with my tummy in a knot, and I can't even eat my dinner!

Funnily enough, the thing that is worrying me the most is what to wear. I knowww, how girly and predictable of me, right? But i swear, it's not like me at all! I'm the girl who chucks on whatever she feel good in and heads out the door. The girl who dresses for her mood, for her taste, for her own aesthetic and doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks of her. The girl with "the tablecloth dress", the jarmy shirt and the funky hippy dress which get worn absolutely all the time! So why am I stressing out? Why am I so adamant that I make a good impression on these people? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that people keep on telling me the friends you have in uni are the friends you'll have for the rest of your life! The rest of my life is hopefully going to be a long, long time, people! In fact, I'm really holding out hope that humans are immortal by the time I reach like, 45. Forever is a long time to be talking to the same old girls, so naturally, I want to make friends with the right people! 

I know this is a trivial thing to worry about, and I know that I should just dress in what I feel comfortable in so that I make friends with similar aesthestic taste and interests as me, but I still feel like I have nothing to wear. I'm sorted for tomorrow, because I'm wearing the new outfit I bought the other week, but for the next three years' worth of classes - I'm worried!

The new outfit

I made a few Polyvore wishlists that I would like to share with you - three different styles which I would totally wear in a heartbeat, and all of the clothes in the sets are under $50 a piece, so I might eventually be able to actually buy a few of these things to incorporate into my wardrobe and make dressing for uni that much easier. All of the jewellery in the pictures is similar to stuff I already have and wear everyday. I'm not such a fool as to think I'll be getting any new jewellery any time soon - student budgets are not forgiving!

Anyway, take a look and see what you think. The pretty nude bag is something I REALLY want! I need a good, big, neutral bag for uni, so if I budget hard enough...

What do you think of the styles I picked out? Anything in there that you think I'd get a lot of wear out of? Obviously the black skirt would be a winner, but what about the other things?

P.S. Sorry for my overuse of exclamation marks in this post. I'm seriously just that nervous!

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