Thursday, 2 May 2013

BEDM: Spring is here?

I had a really great idea for this post today. I was going to go for a nice, long walk and take pictures of pretty, blooming flowers and sunshine and other spring-ish things and then (because I'm from Australia) talk all about how great Autumn is. You know, just to be confusing and what-not since I had no bloody idea what to write about Spring in the middle of Autumn in a country which doesn't really actually have proper seasons other than "flood" and "drought".

Unfortunately, it started pouring with rain just as I stepped outside and so I had to rethink my options. Cue polyvore and a wish list which would work well for Spring up the top of the world, or Autumn down here at the bottom:

Uni Casual #4

Uni Casual #4 by sunae-reilly featuring pamela mann tights
cardigan / top / skirt / tights / shoes
jewellery is real gold, modelled after what I wear every day.

I basically live in skater skirts these days, especially for a day at uni. Only problem is I only have two and so basically look the same every day. I need more tops like this polka dot one and fun, coloured cardigans to mix them up with to create some different looks. These je t' aime tights are basically the cutest thing I have ever seen, as well! I first saw a pair like them on Annika's blog, but I'm not sure if they were the exact same ones. Tights are a must at uni for me lately - the air con is always freezing in the lecture rooms and I always feel warmer with even that little bit of light cover on my legs. 

What do you think? 
Does my "Autumn" outfit work for Spring as well? 
If you're doing BEDM as well, leave me a comment below so I can check your posts out!

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