Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What I Wore: My Heart On My Sleeve

Ever since I bought this jumper from The Briar Rose Blog Sale, it has become a staple in my wardrobe! It is the first new piece of clothing I have bought myself in a while, and I somehow managed to convince myself to buy something practical that I needed from Megan's blog sale, instead of all the pretty things that caught my eye, which I am proud of! It was no mean feat (I mean, you've seen the clothes she wears, right?) but I am so, so glad for it because it has been bloody freezing Down Under lately, and this cute little heart jumper always brightens an otherwise bleary day.

On Friday night, Jake had a few friends come up to our place and we all headed out to Timezone, which is a games arcade, for a spot of Laser Tag and Ten Pin Bowling
. I was a little nervous about this outing, because the girls that were coming up were people that I didn't know, and so planning an outfit was a bit of a pain. I tend to have an incredibly cutesy, girly style which sometimes leads to me not being taken very serious by new people that I meet but in the end I decided bullocks to bitchiness, I was dressing how I wanted and they'd just have to like me the way I am. Damn that took courage, but I am over worrying about people's opinions!

It was absolutely freezing when we left, and blowing a gale so I actually have leggings underneath my tights to keep me extra warm I am also wearing a singlet and long sleeve shirt under the jumper. It is so rare to be this rugged up in Autumn in Australia. I'm not quite sure what the weather is playing at, because we normally only get one really cold month a year up north here. Please excuse the fact I am not wearing shoes, but we didn't have time to take photos before we left, and when we got back my boots were wet and muddy, so I left them at the door. Also excuse the bad lighting and poses, because these pictures were actually taken at midnight! I wasn't about to miss the opportunity of having someone there to take outfit pics though, was I? It's something I really want to get into more, but alas, I rarely have the opportunity!

What I Wore:
Heart Jumper - Krisp (Out of Stock) 
Skirt - ICE (Similar)
Woollen tights - I forget (bought 4 years ago)
Rose hair clip - Home made

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