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Guest Post: Abbigayle From True Blue Abbi Shares A bit About Her Style

Hello Little foal. readers! Sunae was kind enough to swap buttons with me, and let me guest post in her beautiful little space! I think I'll go ahead and introduce myself now.

My name is Abbigayle Rashae and I'm fifteen years old and I live on a small farm in Iowa. I love reading, writing, fashion, photography, and a bit more. I started my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi nearly three years ago! It's become so much more than I ever thought it'd turn into. Mainly I post my personal fashion, life snapshots, inspiration, and product reviews! I love that I've made so many friends through blogging. I plan to continue to grow my blog and meet new people through blogging in the coming years.

Make sure you stop by my blog if you'd like to get to know me a little better! I'd love a comment from you guys saying that you've visited. I always take a point to check out new readers. Thank you for letting me stop by!
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Today I thought I'd go ahead and share a 'Fashion Survey' so you could get a little better idea of my style. 

Describe your style: 
 I consider my style 85% Minimalistic and 15% Maverik. That means that I love basic pieces that can function as nearly anything in my wardrobe; but, then I enjoy branching out a bit with accessories and such. My blog has actually helped me to take more risks with fashion, and develop a better fashion sense. I also layer more and take more risks overall, and I really enjoy that!
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What is your favorite accessory?:
I really love rings, necklaces, and hair accessories! Bracelets are gorgeous, but they always seem to get in my way. My mom actually has two online shops, and I get a lot of my pieces from there.
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Do you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, if not what would you change?:
I do feel comfortable in the clothes I wear. Sometimes when I try something new it can be a little awkward and I feel self-conscious, but it's worth it.
Describe your body shape: 
Right now I would describe my shape as pear. I wear a small on top and size 4 for dresses and jeans. I'm 5ft 8in and weigh around 112lbs. 
Do you wear clothes to emphasize/accentuate/change your body shape in any way?: 
I love wearing skinny jeans! It helps show that I DO have a shape, aha. 
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What stores do you shop at, usually?:
I shop a lot of different places, but something I've done for the past few years now is thrifting and garage saling. You can find so many lovely pieces for literally pennies! You just need to search a little bit. I promise you won't be disappointed! I've found some of my favorite items in my closet from thrift stores or picking them up at garage sales.
Who is your fashion inspiration?: 
I love taking inspiration from everywhere. So, it's not fair to just pull out one person. I do love those people that look gorgeous no matter what though! They can literally throw on anything and make it look amazing. I wish I could do that.
Do you ever dress formally?:
Every Sunday when I go to church I dress up; meaning, a dress or skirt, and usually heels. I like dressing up for church, but not for everyday. 
How has your size impacted your style, both in the past and present?:
I've actually been accused of having eating disorders before. I am naturally skinny, but I've gotten a little bigger over the past couple of years. It always hurts when people assume that I'm anorexic just because I'm 5'8 and weigh just over 110lbs. Especially when I was younger (think back to around twelve) and I weighed 100lbs and was a size 0. I do have modeling going for me, and I would like to try that out.
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Thank you so much, Abbi, for sharing a bit about your style with us all! You are absolutely gorgeous and I always enjoy hearing about different people's style choices or seeing outfit posts! 

I was so glad when Abbi contacted me about writing this post - I love making new friends in this little blog world! If you would like to get involved in Little Foal and share a bit about yourself, just shoot me an email at

Don't forget to give Abbigayle some love and check out her blog! Seriously amazing stuff which makes me wish I discovered blogging at the age of 15!

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