Saturday, 3 November 2012

Photo Shoot Recap!

Had such a blast with the girls today doing our photo shoot! It was truly a great day. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pics of my handmade treasures done, as we all had way too many things we wanted to fit into our day and the weather got in the way, but Amira promised me we would have another little photo sesh through the week once my overlocker is fixed and the rest of the clothes are complete.

I wish I had the photos in my hot little hands already, but I will just have to wait until they have gone through the editing process. I can't wait to see how they turned out and I promise to share them as soon as I have them, or some of them at least. (There are well over 1000 photos on that camera!)

The two themes we decided on for the day were 80's (Audrey's special request) and boho (a shoot Amira has had her heart set on doing for a while). We did plan on doing my product photos as well, while we were in the beautiful park setting of the boho shoot, however an impromptu discovery of some really awesome human-props led us down a different pathway which I absolutely can't wait to show you!

There were some great vintage items used in the shoot. Amira's mum used to run a circus so their house is an absolute costumes galore! I swear Amira has an outfit for everything, and I am constantly suprised at the things she finds around her house to use in costumes and as props!

It was also super nice to have my gorgeous sister come along today. She is an absolute stunner and so photogenic. I'm keen to see if we got any cute sisterly photos which could be used this Christmas!

Oh, and speaking about Christmas, should I have some sort of a Christmas craft planned to show you all? Since I still live with my parents, I usually leave the decorating up to mum. Oh well, we shall se what I can come up with I guess :)

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