Thursday, 15 November 2012

Last minute holiday! YAY!

So, I have just been informed by my lovely and handsome boyfriend that he has next week off... I have also been informed that he wants to go on a last minute, mini holiday! YAY! I absolutely love it when Jake surprises me like this, especially when it's his shout ;)

The only question now is, where to go on such short notice for such a short amount of time? Jake wants to go south since we basically live at the Gold Coast lately, and will literally be living there soon, but I just can't make up my mind with all the pretty beaches south to where we live to choose from. What do you think?


Minnie Water?

Woody Head?

These places are all quite close to home and quite beautiful, but for some reason I'm always drawn to the north? Maybe it's my impending excitement about moving there? Maybe its just cos I think it will be warmer? (as if it needs to be! It's 6pm here and still a sweltering 28 degrees!)

Anyway, the place I'd really like to go is Cabarita beach, or maybe Fingal Head? They're both north and both lovely! I don't know why, but they're always my first port of call when an opportunity like this arises!

Of course, I do have a custom order lingering over my head waiting to be done, a handmade gift exchange present to finish and absolutely zero stock for the impending relocation of The Corner Store, but that can all wait right? I mean I can take my crochet with me to do at night time, and the gift exchange present is nearly done - I can't help that I ran out of white cotton for my overlocker!

With all this in hand though, I am still excited for some time away, just me and Jake. Living with parents can be so restricting to a relationship sometimes and it's nice when we get alone time together :) Besides, the gift exchange present is almost done, and I'm starting to wish I could keep it for myself because its turning out so nice! I will have no troubles getting cotton and finishing it over the weekend and I have all the time in the world to get stock made.

Well, someone help me decide where to go next week. Where would you go if you got to have a spur-of-the-moment, mini holiday? Do you know of any other nice places on the Far North Coast of NSW that Jake and I could go to?

Hopefully I will have some more posts about craft and sewing for you soon, I'm very busy trying new things so if they all work out, I should have quite a wealth of things to show you! Bye for now, I'm off to lie in front of a fan somewhere... xx


  1. all those places look fantastic Sunae and it wont matter as long as you are with Jake.xx

    1. So true Sheryl, i'm sure we will have a great time together wherever we end up! Xx