Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Recipe Book!

On Tuesday I spent a wonderful day with my good friend, Ellie. We hung out in Byron Bay in the morning and went shopping/swimming and in the afternoon we made some A4 recipe books to take with us when we move out of home.

As you can see, my recipe book is quite simpe on the outside, with just a wooden frame from Spotlight bordering the word "recipes" which I typed on the computer. The books themselves are mont marte sketch books, the only plainly covered, hardcover book we could find with no lines on the pages. The pages are wonderfully thick and yellowish, which I love, and we have decided to sort of scrapbook our recipes into this book, adding decorative paper and other embellishments to the recipes we put in there.

Ellie made her book a lot more colourful on the outside than mine, covering it with bright pink cherry fabric, and adding sparkly cardboard letters to form the word "recipes" on the front. The books are a real reflection of our personal styles, I think. It's a shame I dont have a picture of Ellie's book to show you!

We also made some muffins this weekend (gluten free of course) that turned out delicious! They are incredibly healthy as well, so we were both glad to scoff some down for brekky the next day and are keen to alter the recipe a little to make the muffins a little sweeter and stickier!


  1. what a great idea and yours looks fantastic,well done.xx

    1. Thanks Shez - I love to cook an mum and dad own so many recipe books that I'm sure it will fill up fast!