Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hey guys, look what came for me in the mail today...

The iron-on tags I bought from Green Beans n Strings!!!

Green Beans n Strings do wonderfully cheap, printed iron-on labels in a variety of sizes as well as other types of tags perfect for any up and coming business that sells handmade clothing. I am so excited to have recieved these today that I have already added one to a dress I made! It went on nice and smooth and I am incredibly happy with the results! I chose iron on labels because I hate the scratchyness that comes with swing tags and dont want my customers cutting my tags off, because otherwise how will they remember where they bought it?

 It makes me feel so professional to now have busiess cards AND tags for the things I make!

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  1. oh i love these tags Sunae,i must check this company out.xx