Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Weekend Adventures!

This weekend was HUGE for me. So huge, in fact, that I am still tired from it! Want to know what I got up to?

Friday night started with my university's bi-annual PO MO FO (or post-modern formal for those who aren't too fond of acronyms). It was held at Gov's Espresso and Bar, an awesome little hipster hideaway which I absolutely loved, on it's last night ever of being open! I went with Jake, and met two of my friends there. We dressed in our finest 80's get ups and had a blast singing and dancing along to the bands that played. One of the bands played the infamous Get Lucky by Daft Punk so of course, that got a few people up and dancing, including myself! Unfortunately, it seemed like no one, aside from my friends and myself, really got "into it" until the end of the last band's se. I found that a bit of a shame, because it's always so much more fun dancing when everyone else in the room is up and moving, too! We still had a great night though. So great, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures (oops).

Saturday morning, even after having a late night, Jake somehow convinced me that going to Warner Brother's Movie World would be an excellent idea! I'm rather glad he did, as well because we had such a great time!

We went and saw a few shows, including the Stunt Driver show (which was kind of lame), waved to various characters as they walked around the place, including Austin Powers, Batman and Scooby Doo and went on a heap of rides, which was both thrilling and scary! My favourite ride was the Superman ride, which was basically just a really, really fast roller coaster, but it was closely followed by the Scooby Doo ride, which takes you through a "haunted house" like in the Scooby Doo movie before turning into this fast, jerking roller coaster which had me squealing and giggling with delight! I think I was probably more excited about that ride than the little kiddies who went on it, actually. I've been waiting to go on it since the movie came out however many years ago that was, so it was a long time in waiting and it didn't disappoint!

There were plenty of shops around the place to browse through as well, including a Harry Potter shop, which was rather lame. I can't wait to go to London one day and go on the actual, proper set tour and drink butter beer and eat cauldron cakes and buy some Ravenclaw stuff and a magic wand! (Yes, I am that nerdy. No judgements here, please!)

After all day at Movie World (not recommended if you have back problems, and want to be able to move around the next day) Jake and I just spent a quiet day on Sunday, enjoying a sleep in, and snuggles in bed in the morning, pancakes for brekky and a nice, little movie day. The weather was awful Sunday, so we just closed the blinds and hid from the world, being soppy and romantic and all that stuff while it lasted. We have to fit in as much of that gooey stuff as we can on the weekends, before saying goodbye on Monday mornings. I miss him so much through the week!

So what did you get up to on the weekend? Anything exciting?

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