Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday's Finds: adding pieces to collections

There is something wonderful about finding new pieces to add to existing collections in the op shops and I was incredibly lucky to pick up these two pieces in a half off sale at my local Salvos store on Thursday while out shopping with a good friend. 

I really love the floral motif on this little Arcopal casserole dish. It's the first I've found in decent condition in an op shop that still has a lid! 

I just had to bring home this Corning Ware coffee pot, too because it matches the tea pot from my last post! I don't drink much coffee but its hard to pass up a matching pair, right? 

The same Salvos store also saw me buy a very special piece of furniture which I would like to call the bargain of the century at just $12.50 which you will have to wait to see next week, as I need Jake's muscles to pick it up and so won't have it home until Monday. Rest assured it is an absolutely beauty, though. 

Have you had any great op shop purchases lately? If you write similar posts, please leave a link below. I'd love to check out your fabulous finds!

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