Monday, 13 January 2014

Mod Couples

I came across snaps from this fantastic photo series by Carlotta Cardana on a couple of blogs this week, and once I clicked over to her website and read her description of the photo series, I just knew I had to share some too! It focuses on Mod Couples - couples who belong to the subculture that is passionate about the 1950s and 60s aesthetic and music, and what struck me in particular about this series is what Carlotta Cardana had to say about the styling of it:
"I decided to focus on couples because I am fascinated by the way their identities blend together to produce something larger than the sum of its parts. Within the formality required by shooting with a medium format camera, I don’t “direct” the couples by asking them to pose in a specific way. Instead, I let them assume a pose that feels natural to them. I believe that in the subtleties of their posture, a lot is revealed about themselves – as individuals and as a couple."
She also let the couples choose their own clothing and scene for the photos so that it reflects their own sense of style and "the world depicted in the pictures is entirely the world they have created for themselves."

I've always wished that Jake was into the whole vintage thing, too. I dunno about you, but I wouldn't mind stepping into any of these couples' worlds, would you?

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