Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thankful Thursday #1

I have been a long time lover of Lisette's Thankful Thursday posts, and when my UK twin, Leona jumped on board as well, I just knew it was something I should do. In the stress of the past months, it has been all to easy for me to push the good things aside, and I really want to focus on the positives this year, as I'm sure it can only help improve all aspects of my life. 

Things I am thankful for this week

Moving in with Jake
I am so thankful that this is finally happening for us! We sign the lease and pick up the keys on Saturday and that is just so amazing to me!

Mumma bear's generosity
I'm a bit short on cash this week what with having to scrape together $900 for the bond for our new place and having my car insurance run out at the same time. Even though my family is a one income family, mum always puts our needs first and is always there to help with even just the little things. I'm very lucky to have such a fantastic mum!

Fellowship of the Bloggers
So, if you haven't heard yet, some bloggy pals and I have started a new blogging collective and I am truly thankful for it this week! Tilly, Gemma, Sam and Magdelena are such fantastic, supportive people to have in my life and I am thankful for how close this new venture has brought us together. Bloggers are the best!

I know you are probably wondering why I am thankful for my business, and no it's not because of the business aspects of it. Arbonne skin care, hair care and cosmetics have transformed my skin and hair. I've never been so confident in my appearance and not only that, but Arbonne has helped me to reconnect with so many friends, and make so many more! After moving back from the Gold Coast, having a business that forces me to get out there and be social is exactly what I need and so I am incredibly thankful that I have this opportunity! 

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