Friday, 10 January 2014

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow, I have a bike that is yellow

Yesterday, Jake and I took a trip to Brisbane to pick up my new bike from Reid Cycles. The bike was my birthday gift from my parents and Jake and I have been waiting to receive it for weeks now, so you can imagine my excitement to finally take it for a ride yesterday afternoon! Reid Cycles' customer service is absolutely atrocious and it has taken 7 weeks for my bike to come despite being told it would be ready by the 6th of December (not to mention the fact that I paid extra for a basket on the front which still wasn't in the shops today and will have to be posted to me in a few weeks' time) but I am just so happy to finally have it!  

Since we were in Brisbane, jake and I decided to make the most of the day and took a stroll around South Bank while we were there, stopping for lunch at a little Italian joint and... 

Getting Max Brennar! This is the choc fudge brownie sundae that jake and I shared. It was totally delicious, but we soon realized that lunch was probably a bad idea when we walked out with aching tummies and half our food left on our plate. I hate wasting chocolate! 

We finished off the day with stopping at a few surf shop outlets on the way home for a spot of shopping where jake bought me the most awesome pants ever and were glad to get home to little, old Lennox Head after a big day in the city despite having such a lovely day. 

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