Saturday, 1 September 2012

Finally! A finished project!

Are you proud, guys? I finally have something worthy to show you, and it's super cute too!

Introducing my cap-sleeved peasant dress and diaper cover set...

It's made to fit a baby about size 12mo, however I made the dress a little bit short so that the bottom of the diaper cover would peek out from underneath. It was my first attempt at a diaper cover and second attempt at a cap sleeved peasant dress (remember my problems, problems, problems post?) and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully the set will be available on Etsy soon, although I haven't set up my shop yet and still want to tweak the diaper cover a little bit (wider band of elastic at the top, little decoration somewhere, maybe a frill?) before I sell it. 

The dress was made without a pattern - all I had were measurements of fabric for a pillowcase dress in this size, which I got off the sizing chart at The Mother Huddle. I learnt how to do the sleeves after stumbling across this post on a long sleeve peasant dress at The Trendy Treehouse after much google searching for good tutorials. Tara gives really clear and simple instructions on how to make your own peasant dress - all I had to do was guesstimate the size of the sleeves I wanted and voila

I had quite a bit of trouble with the diaper cover, especially with the casing for the elastic around the legs. No one ever told me how hard it is to sew around a curve like that! Eventually, I did get there though, even if my first diaper cover turned out the size for a newborn rather than a 12mo baby! Safe to say I had to alter the pattern I used and go again, but in my frustration I think the second, larger diaper cover (which would actually cover a diaper) didn't turn out as neat as the small one! :(

Small Pair (bad lighting, sorry!)

Large pair

Oh well, I might put it up for sale on Etsy by itself as well as size 3mo or as a cute little no nappy pair of swimmer bottoms!

I love the pretty purple colour of the fabric against the vibrant spring greens of the ivy bush and grass in my garden!

I originally finished the dress and diaper cover on Wednesday, but the dress seemed too plain without any trim or embellishment on it. So glad I stumbled across this beautiful purple rose trim and the purple pearl buttons in Lincraft to pretty it up a little! The colours match perfectly in my opinion. This close-up really shows the girly, prettiness of the fabric with its embroidered eyelets!

I would love to do a tutorial on how to make the diaper cover, and took plenty of photos along the way, but before I do I will have to get it up to my own high standards! Oh well, back to the sewing machine I go!

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