Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fat Quarter Bundle and Package-y Goodness!

I love recieving packages in the mail from online shopping! It really does make you feel like it's Christmas, doesn't it? So you can imagine how stoked I was when this gorgeous fat quarter bundle showed up on my doorstep on Friday!

I absolutely love the blue and green colour scheme of this little bundle which I purchased from Always Knitting and Sewing on Ebay. They had great customer service, the parcel was sent quickly and the fabric has turned out to be exactly as described and pictured.

I'm thinking that a fat quarter pillowcase dress is in order to make good use of this co-ordinate-y goodness! What would I do without all the great ideas from The Mother Huddle? Seriously. My only problem now will be selling the creation this bundle of joy will go into - so hard to say goodbye to beautiful things, right?

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