Thursday, 6 September 2012

My favourite sewing blogs!

Does anyone else hate sewing without their serger? I find it almost impossibe to operate without it and mine is simply not co-operating at the moment! The unfinished projects are piling up, and every single thing that I thought I would have finished by now to show you, is sitting limp and lifeless on the ping-pong table which I use as a cutting space. That is why I decided to compile a list of my favourite sewing blogs to show you. These blogs are simply amazing - they are where I draw the majority of my inspiration from and are jam-packed with good ideas! Well, I hope you like them as much as I do, and please forgive me for not having any new projects for you - I swear it's my serger's fault!

The Mother Huddle - This wonderful group of women follow an editorial calendar which corresponds to the days of the week - Make It Monday for example. They describe The Mother Huddle as being about sharing, and boy do they share some great things! From sewing projects, to kids crafts, to beauty and lifestyle posts, The Mother Huddle has it all! They also post some great tutorials for DIY projects and sewing - very detailed and easy to follow!

 Girl. Inspired. - Stef does soooo many great projects, mostly centred around her kids and is such a great writer! Everything she makes is beautiful and she photographs it all so well! She describes her                  blog as "a little collection of the things that make [her] happy" and I can honestly say that her posts make me happy too!

Sewing In No Mans Land - The effort which Kelly goes to when styling the photos for her blog will absolutely amaze you! She is a wonderful photographer as well as a great seamstress/crafter and looking at her blog is an absolute treat!

Little Pink Monster - Natasha at Little Pink Monster has such a relaxed and easy-going blogging vibe that it's quite easy to get wrapped up in her life as you read! Her sense of humour shows in her posts and makes reading her blog extremely enjoyable, and her crafts (again mostly things for her kids) are great!

Cotton and Curls - I can't even begin to explain why I love this blog - the fashion, the refashions, the endless great ideas? I don't know, but I love it and you should love it too! Also, I have no idea what the blogger's name is but she is super beautiful! She looks great in all the things she makes, i'll be stoked if I look half as great in the finished product when I get around to doing some of her projects!

Well, there you go - my favourite sewing blogs! I am sure i will find many more in time to come that deserve a place on this list, but for now, five seems like a nice, succinct number and I'm off to go clubbing with some friends :)

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