Thursday, 20 September 2012

Failure :(

So, over the last couple of days the phrase "bit the bullet" seems to have come to mind a little too often for my liking. I bit the bullet by telling you about the changes I was making before they actually happened, and now I have no possible way of making them happen and have wasted money on a domain name which I can't bloody use.

You see, I thought it would be simple to switch domain names, and in all likelihood, it probably is! However, I can't for the life of me figure out what to do. I followed all of google's instructions, waited the three hours my server told me to, and still I am coming up with the dreaded "error 13" every time I try to redirect my domain from blogger.

Oh well, it is clear I'm no IT chick now, isn't it? But that's okay because I am a craft chick and I have some great projects to show you over the next few days! Hang tight to see what I've been up to, and hear some very exciting news!

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