Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gluten-free bread making!

So, in the follow up to my last post, here is the first of what I assume will be a series of baking posts about gluten free foods :)

Ever since my gluten-free diet began, I have been craving a jam sandwhich, so this afternoon, I baked some bread!

My boyfriend's mum gave me the bread mix which she got for $1 on sale from Coles (what a ko-ink-i-dink that my gluten-free diet started two days later!), and today I bought a good quality, industrial bread tin and decided to give bread-making a whirl! :)

This is the brand of bread mix I used and I highly reccommend it!

The bread turned out so tasty and soft and moist - everything I love in a bread...

And to think I was worried it would taste like cardboard! I'm so glad I decided to bake my own gluten-free bread - the ones they sell in the shops just simply do not look appetising to me and they are super heavy! This bread is so light and fluffy that even non-diet restricted people would enjoy it. My dad certainly did! Needless to say, my jam sandwhich went down beautifully!

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