Friday, 5 October 2012

When things don't go to plan - refashion!

Ever had a day when absolutely nothing goes to plan? Including your sewing projects? Being the "take it and run" girl I am, I always rush into projects without fully thinking them through or reading the instructions properly and quite often this is when a disaster will happen!

Luckily, we have our good old friend "refashion" to come to our rescue at times like these, and that's exactly what she did the other day when the fat quarter pillowcase dress I made turned out uneven and unsellable.

I was trying to combine The Mother Huddle's Fat quarter pillowcase dress with their knot front pillowcase dress and didn't read the whole way through the instructions before starting to sew. I thought the way I did it would work, but I made the diagonal cuts for under the arms too big and when I put the split in the material for the tie, it was not centred and didn't allow for the dress to gather enough to look good. Luckily, I had an idea up my sleeve!

I just chopped the top off, re-hemmed and ran a few lines of shirring across the top and -voila! A cute, shabby-chic skirt to use up the gorgeous fat quarter bundle I bought from Always Knitting and Sewing on Ebay.



This skirt is on sale now at The Corner Store. If you're in North-Eastern NSW, drop by Evans Head and check it out!

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