Friday, 26 October 2012

Women's Fashion Collection: Quick Update

So, the women's fashion collection I am working at the moment is starting to really come together. I have finished my sketches, bought my fabric and today I started sewing garments, however not everything is going to plan!

You see, at first I envisioned a complete collection based around leotards and swimwear - the perfect collection for us Aussies as we are coming into summer, and versatile enough for northern hemispherians to wear in fall, as all the pieces allowed for layering. Then I talked to mum about her experience with sewing leotards. Then, I threw a minor BF (bitch fit) and discarded nearly my whole collection.

My new collection has a little less focus than the first and was originally supposed to be tied together with my key choice of colours and fabrics. Needless to say, clearance tables at spotlight had other ideas for my collection and now there are a few pieces of my collection which probably don't entirely fit in with the overall look I was going for, but can still be worn with the other pieces I have made.

I don't want to give too much away about the clothes I am making, and so I am very sorry for the lack of posts you have been receiving lately, but I thought I needed to write this particular post to let you all know how I am going with the momentous task ahead of me. I call it momentous because in all truth and honesty, I have so far only completed one garment for the collection...
With only one week to go before our scheduled photo shoot...

Yep, call me crazy, but I am trying to complete an entire collection of clothing in just 7 days! Needless to say, at first the clothes will only be available as one-off's in the model's sizes (thank god we are all the same size cos I have no idea who is wearing what yet, and specifically making outfits for each model would have been a nightmare!)

I also thought that I would share that I am making a pact with myself to sew (at least) one garment per day every day next week. More than just a fun challenge for myself, this is the only way I will get my collection done, as I have at least 5 more garments to make to round off the collection and make it look complete, and I also want duplicates of some things to keep for myself!

I found a great pattern today to alter for the tops that I am planning on making (simple tank design used to get dimensions right for the slightly unusual and very prettied up version of a tank that I am doing), and as a bonus - it was free! I also have a 50% off coupon for simplicity patterns which I may put to use to buy another simple pattern which I can use to get sizing right on the dresses I am making, otherwise I may just have to make the dresses custom order only, and make them to fit individuals.

Anyway, I should be off, I have so much sewing to do it is ridiculous, but I promise you will still hear from me over the next week (if only minimally!!)

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