Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Little felt cupcakes!

Could there be anything cuter on this Earth than these little felt cupcakes I made?

Seriously, so cute!

I followed this tutorial and of course, tweaked it a little to suit myself, and I think they turned out great! Well, all except the first one. It somehow got glued to my fingers and now has glue stains on the pink felt :( If ever there was a time to rob a bank it's now because I don't think I have any fingerprints left! Hot glue isn't very kind to the ol' fingers!

I'm going to use mine as a pin cushion, but I imagine they could also be used as fake food for tea parties or as decorations in a little girl's room. What do you think? Cute enough for you to have a go? They're super easy!
The pins look like sprinkles when you push them in - I'm totally in love!

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