Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday's Finds: Do you like... cheese?

Okay, so I might be a little too obsessed with Channing Tatum right now, eagerly awaiting GI Joe 2 to hit the screens in Australia, so everything is turning into a quote from one of his movies for me right now, including the title of this post!

Anyway, how great is this cheese platter I found at the Salvos yesterday?

It's been slim pickings for the last few weeks at the two op shops I am able to visit at the bus changeover on my way home from uni, so I was stoked to walk in there yesterday and see this little beaut. He will look great out on the table if I ever make enough friends to invite them round for fondue/dinner/anything-but-wine and cheese.

I also saw some great pieces of furniture which I would have taken home in a heart beat if I wasn't catching the bus home to my tiny little apartment. One particular thing which caught my eye was an antique bar cart with fold down table top which opened up to a really nice size. It was gorgeous, but I had to just settle on the cheese platter for now, since there are other pieces of furniture that I need to put in the limited space in our house. 

Another thing that caught my eye was a set of blue willow mugs which I would have loved to add to my collection, but they weren't vintage and Lifeline had them priced at $5 each! My whole damn teapot was only $14! I kindly let the man behind the counter know that those pieces were overpriced, but I doubt the problem will be rectified. Lifeline seem to like overcharging for anything remotely decent, in my opinion. 

Have you had any luck thrifting lately? Any pieces like my bar cart which you had to leave behind? It's a total heart-breaker when that happens, isn't it?

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