Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Clumsy Girl's Guide to Winged Eyeliner

I would just like to start off by saying there is absolutely no way that I am a beauty blogger, nor will I ever become a beauty blogger. For the most part, that stuff bores me and I'm rubbish at it. Absolutely rubbish! However, one thing I have always envied is normal women's abilities to do winged eyeliner that is actually even and pointing off in the same direction on each eye. I mentioned this to my gorgeous cousin who is a make up queen, and she gave me a quick little tip for doing nice, even winged eyeliner that she used to use when she first started out. Lucky you guys, because I am going to share it with you today! Please ignore the horrendous way my face looks in these photos, I was trying to best showcase what I was doing - not exactly my best angle!

The secret to perfect eyeliner? Sticky tape!

I know, shockingly simple, right? But does it actually work? Follow the steps and see for yourself:

1. Cut a small piece of sticky tape, and play around with it in your fingers to make it lose some of it's sticky. You want it to be just sticky enough to stick flat, without basically supergluing itself to your face. This is so when you pull it off your face, it doesn't hurt and is not too hard when your hands and face are already covered in foundation and whatnot!

2. Align the bottom of the sticky tape with the outside corner of your eye, pointing up and out to the corner of your eyebrow. Slipping the tape under your bottom lashes, smooth it flat onto your face so that the top edge of the tape is nestled right next to your eyebrow (mine are super thin on the ends so I'm sorry if you can barely see them).

3. Use a liquid eyeliner to frame your eye, starting thin on the inside corner of your eye and building it up towards the outer edge, following on with your kicks. Try and make the line as even and fluid as you can (obviously I didn't leave mine looking like that^^^ I smoothed it over when I was done with a wet cotton bud). Here is the great thing - you don't have to worry about how neat your kicks are because they sort out themselves! All you have to do is make each side is an even length and the top edge nice and smooth :) 

4. let your eyeliner dry a little, peel off the stickytape and touch up any bits that need touching up, before continuing on with your make up routine!

Isn't it great? I can't believe I can actually do proper winged eyeliner now! And it actually doesn't look like a five year old did it! Now that I have a little trick up my sleeve I feel confident enough to buy some proper nice eyeliner. The stuff i've been using is $5 crappy k-mart eyeliner because I didn't want to spend money on stuff I had to wash off every morning. Yay for decent make up! And yay for the fact that I have been using tinted moisturiser rather than foundation (nearly) every day! My skin feels so much healthier and smoother since I cut foundation out of my morning routine. Loving it! Do you have any other neat little tricks I can try out with my make up? I suck at being a girl and would love your advice!

And just because everyone deserves a beautiful duck face selfie to brighten up their day:

Isn't this just the sexiest face ever? You're totally welcome!

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