Friday, 15 March 2013

Goodbye GFC

As many of you will be aware, Google is getting rid of GFC and Google Reader for all non-Blogger blogs as of July 1st. While Little Foal will not be directly affected by this change, being a Blogger blog, I and many other bloggers are switching over to Bloglovin' as our main reader now, in order to be better prepared for whatever Google throws us us!

I know that many of the blogs I follow using GFC are not hosted with Blogger, and so switched all of my reading list over to Bloglovin' so all my favourite blogs would remain in the same place. There is nothing more annoying than having 47334596435 internet pages up just so that you can catch up on your favourite blogs, so I heartliy invite you to do the same! 

You can follow Little Foal on Bloglovin' by clicking the widget in my sidebar, or by searching Little Foal in Bloglovin'. You will also still be able to follow me by e-mail, with GFC (if you so wish) or add me to your Google +, as all of my posts are shared there. 

I think you will find if you do switch to Bloglovin' for your blog reading pleasure, it is incredibly user-friendly, and the layout is clean, simple and pretty making it super easy to keep track of unread posts, and even letting you organise the blogs you follow into groups!

Good luck with the transition, everyone and I hope to see you all following me on Bloglovin' soon! 

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