Friday, 19 July 2013

A Day To Remember

A few weeks ago Jake and I found out one of my favourite bands, A Day To Remember, were about to come back to Australia to play some shows in the capital cities. I was so excited when we found out, as I have wanted to see them live for ages, but I had only just started my job and I was too scared to spend any money on myself until I got back on top of things financially. With great self-restraint, I stepped away from the computer without buying tickets, and decided to carry on with my life. I mean, they've been a band for 10 years and they come here every few years, surely I'll get a chance to see them one day, right?

Well, my self-restraint lasted and I soon forgot all about the concert. Until last Wednesday, that is, when Jake texted me reminding me the concert was in two days' time! My self-restraint broke at once. I was adamant that I would be at that concert, and after a quick check "just out of curiosity" to see if there were any tickets left, I all of a sudden found a pair of them in my email inbox. Gee, that escalated quickly, I thought!

Jake couldn't believe I had been so spontaneous, as I'm normally such a meticulous planner, but after Friday night, and the amazing experience we had at the concert, I'm so glad I was! Every now and then, I tend to turn things on their head and do something crazy and out of the blue. Last time this happened I got a tattoo, and this time, here I am with a new band shirt and a bunch of blurry photos to remember a fantastic concert!

A Day To Remember are fantastic live. Jeremy McKinnon's voice is so versatile, and the rest of the band are just so great at what they do! Jeremy entertained us with some little stories between songs, which were often quite hilarious, and resulted in the whole band ripping on him, and it was an incredibly high-energy concert with the band throwing out free t-shirts, beach balls and toilet paper which made the crowd go crazy and was heaps of fun! For the first half of the set, I was a little bit disappointed, as they only played one of my favourite songs, but then the second half of the set started, and BAM! There they all were, one after the other! Plus, they played a four song encore which included Downfall of Us All and If It Means A Lot To You, and that was AMAZING! Jake and I both had a great night, even if he was a wuss in the mosh pit and even if I did almost end up in a circle pit/crushed to death by some fat bitches with spiked cuffs on. It had been so long since I'd been to a concert and I'm so glad that I went, survived the night and survived a 9 hour shift at work the next day with my condition. Excuse the cheesy pun, but it was a night to remember!

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