Monday, 8 July 2013

House Tour

A while ago, I wrote this guest post, a "real" house tour, for Anna of The Dusty Attic. I hope you don't mind recycled material, because I thought that I might share it on my blog today for those who missed it on Anna's. I warn you, though - I am a real person, and so my house is not the pinterest-perfect thing you see on most blogs. I'm a student with no budget for decorating, doing her best to make her house a home with the limited, second hand things I have available to me. I also am quite a messy person, so this my house on an average day. I say this because on a good day, it can look a million bucks for about 5 seconds, and on a bad day, well - you'd be lucky to see the floorboards! Anyway, I hope you enjoy having a nosy into my house. I love these kinds of posts, so I'm pretty confident that you all do too!

Starting on the verandah, here is a quick glimpse of the view from my third story flat. It's quite beautiful, day or night with the city off in the distance. I only wish I had a better camera to show it off more clearly! If you look in the other direction to this off our verandah, the view is of the mountains in the distance which separate the liveable portion of the country from the desert. It's rather nice being able to pick our view, and hearing the rumble of the ocean is so soothing at night!

Once you walk in the front door, you have landed in our living room! Its quite a nice, large space for such a small apartment, and it gets great natural light throughout most of the day, but especially during the morning. There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to wake you up and brighten your day!

This room is probably the most "decorated" of the lot, so far, as I bought the rug for a steal from spotlight to make the room more cosy, and have sprinkled some antiques throughout to make it feel like home. I also have my Blue Willow collection on display in this room, nice and close to the kitchen because I lack cupboard space in this place, and it looks rather pretty in the cane hutch. Functionality was more important to me when I moved in, on such a limited budget as I was, so the fact that my Blue Willow collection is pretty and functional is a huge plus for me! Another feature of this room, which brightens it up whilst also being functional is my dining table - the biggest DIY project I have ever taken on!
Excuse the black edges on this photograph, I can't seem to find the original, non-instagram version and my editing software isn't cooperating right now for me to get rid of them! This little chunk of the room is my absolute favourite, visually. It was never intended to have a blue and orange theme in this room, but I love the way it is coming together. This antique plate was my mum's and she has graciously let me have it to decorate my space :)

The kitchen in this place is tiny and I hate cooking on an electric stove, but overall the kitchen is functional, even if it does lack cupboard space. The people who were renting this place before us apparently ruined the kitchen, and so we were lucky enough to get a brand new one before we moved in!
The boyfriend, demonstrating the kitchen's functionality and making me a sandwich! I have trained him well ;)

I haven't really found that there is much I can do to inject my personality into this kitchen, as it's so modern and plain (unless leaving dishes in the dish rack for three days counts? It shows my laziness!). I have been displaying these little beauties with pride since my mum gave them to me, though and the big one is used to store tea bags! I'm rather fond of them, as they remind me of mum.

My bedroom is soo bloody frustrating as far as decorating goes! I really haven't bought much for it since moving in, and I have no idea what direction to take it in. All I know is that I'm keeping the bedspread the same, as cream will go with almost everything and I love the rose details.The bedspread is one of the few things I bought new solely for decorating purposes for this house. This room is very plain at the moment, and usually is adorned with piles of dirty washing on the floor near my wardrobe. I'm just stuck on what to do with it to make it feel more "me" without going too girly so that Jake (my boyfriend) doesn't feel uncomfortable, or not at home.

Update: Since posting on Anna's blog, I have decided that to hell with what boyfriend thinks! I am decoratng my room in pastels and he has no say in the matter (not that I really think he will care!) I am hoping to start picking things up here and there over the coming weeks to make this room feel more bright, pretty and "me". You all know that means lace and florals, don't you? I thought so!

This other view of my room is rather depressing. I've been meaning to do this dresser up since Jake's parents gave it to us, but just haven't had the time or the energy for such a project since I moved in. Plus, it's not big enough and I really, actually want to replace it with something more functional. At the moment it is adorned with random antiques and the jewellery box my grandad gave me, but again, I'm not sure which direction I want to take this room in and this will probably change. My dresser is always messy, as I like to have everyday needs within reach. Obviously, a flower crown is an everyday need for a blogger ;)

There's not much to really say about the bathroom... it's lacking storage, but it's in good working order.

And finally, my baby. My precious spare room, which was supposed to be an office/sewing room, but never quite got there! This room is my happy place, my dumping ground, my creative space and the space where everything gets to much and I feel as though I'm ready to drop out of university! I love this little space, even though it never really got to where I wanted it to go. Sadly, I am saying goodbye to this space in a few weeks, with a housemate moving in as soon as she gets her finances in order. I'l be sad to see it go, but I am welcoming the company and the financial relief a housemate will bring. Somehow I have to fit all this stuff into my bedroom, though and that is a scary thought!

Well, thats it! A virtual tour of my whole house done and dusted! It's not the biggest space in the world, and it's far from perfect, but as a first time renter and uni student, I feel so lucky to be in it at all! I hope you've enjoyed my little tour, and I hope that soon I'll be able to keep you posted on the changes that happen to the house as I start getting some decorating done here and there!

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