Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Florals, Ice Creams, Tea and Harry Potter

What do florals, ice creams, tea and Harry Potter all have in common? Well they are my favourite things, of course!

They also all appear on the backs of the iPhone cases in my latest Etsy treasury list. It's no wonder I can't choose a new iPhone case! Look at how cute they all are! Anyway, my current iPhone case is starting to break and I have realised since having it just how impractical it is for me to have a case with sticky-outy things on the back of it. It doesn't fit into my car charger with the case on, and I tend to always be knocking bits and pieces off it. So, time for a new one, but I need your help to choose which one! My heart i being pulled 12 ways right now, so I'd really appreciate your input on which case you like best!

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