Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Sewing: Molly's Present

I've been super busy today trying (and failing) at Christmas shopping. I spent hours at the shopping centre looking at toys and books for my niece, DVD's for my dad and my sister and brother and random crap for my boyfriend who has everything and wants nothing, but who I'm still required to buy a gift for. In the end I walked out with nothing, headed to the nearest fabric store and decided to make some presents for people because crap these days is too expensive and things like present shopping give me major anxiety!

After wasting heaps more time looking at all the pretty colours and patterns at Spotlight I came out with a few pretty good things :)

Unfortunately, the fabric for Molly's present which I meticulously planned in my head before going into the store was quite expensive, but I didn't like any of the other fabrics for what I was making and by this stage I was getting really hungry because I stayed at Jakes house last night and he didn't have any good breakfast foods, so I just payed the ridiculous price and left.

Here is one half of Molly's present. The other half is cut out on my ping pong table ready to be sewn, but I've had enough of doing things for now so it's not getting done til Friday. I love the summer colours of the fabrics - can you see why nothing else would do? Plus, the other half of the present is a reversible dress and these two fabrics look so perfect together! I still have to stitch around the bird and give him an eye but I'm really happy with how these have turned out so far :)

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you planning on making gifts for your family and friends like I am?


  1. Sunae this is such a gorgeous set,well done.xx

    1. Thanks Shez :)
      I hope all is going well with your dad, I've been thinking of you and your family.
      You will love the dress I am making to go with this. I will post pics when I'm done :) xxx