Sunday, 30 December 2012

Guest Post: A Few Of My Favourite Things (Vintage Bird Girl)


It's an honour to be posting here at Little Foal. Sunae has come a long way in a short period of time, & I for one am looking forward to following her blogging journey.

It's no secret that I love all things vintage....from clothing & accessories, to linen, home wares & furniture. Anything & everything really. I'm not too sure how it all started, but I love the designs & styles of older things. I've been collecting for at least 5 years. I find most things at op shops, & occasionally at vintage stores, & some gets passed onto me too. It's so hard to narrow down my favourite vintage finds as my house is filled with old treasures, but here are some pieces that hold a special place in my heart.

New Zealand deer antlers

My husband & I have always loved deer antlers, but we could never justify spending $200 or more on a set. On a holiday to New Zealand in 2011 we stayed on a farm, & the farmer had a wonderful collection of antlers in his shed. I was admiring his antlers when he asked if I wanted to take some home with me. So we chose two sets of antlers, as I had planned to give one set to my best friend at home. I was so nervous bringing them back to Australia & wondering if customs would allow them through. They gave the all clear to one set, but the other one wasn't as clean, so we had to leave it behind at the airport, much to my friends disappointment! I found a wooden board at an op shop to mount the antlers on, & just needed my Dad's help with his drill. I think this is one of my favourite things because of the happy memories of our time on the farm in our favourite country, as well as the kindness of the farmer. And I feel secretly pleased when I see how much they go for now, knowing I got these for free. You can read more about the antler adventure here.

Starburst Clock

I'd been searching for an affordable starburst clock for what felt like years. Always checking Ebay & the vintage stores. I discovered this Metamec clock under a pile of other stuff at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. It was only $40 because the clock mechanism wasn't working, but I knew that could easily be replaced. It felt so good to find something on my vintage wish list, especially when they usually sell for hundreds of dollars.

China Cabinets

These two pieces are very special to me because the large one belonged to my Nana (I remember being fascinated by it as a little girl), & the smaller one was passed onto me by one of my dear friends who is 80 years old & was moving into a nursing home. They hold many precious pieces & they remind me of two lovely women who have a special place in my heart.


Tooled bag collection

Anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVE accessories. Most of my bags have been found at op shops or occasionally on Ebay. I am especially fond of tooled leather bags. I love the worn leather & the unique designs. They are so sturdy & last forever. These were all purchased at op shops, with the most expensive costing $10.

Mid Century Shelves


Living in an apartment means I don't have a lot of space for furniture, so when I came across this compact shelving unit at Lifeline I knew it would be the right fit for our home. It cost $25, which is definitely at the higher end of my op shop spending, but these can sell for hundreds of dollars at the vintage stores, so it was a pretty good find.

My Jewellery Collection

I've been collecting jewellery since I was a little girl & my collection just keeps on growing. Most of it is found at op shops or gifted to me. The only problem with such a large collection is how to best display it. I use a thrifted spoon rack for long necklaces, a $2 shadow box for special brooches, lots of dishes & containers on my tall boy, & a set of vintage sewing drawers for my beads & bangles.

Vintage Frocks

And finally to my beloved frock collection. I've been wearing vintage pretty much all of the time for the last couple of years, & my frock collection has steadily grown over that time. I gravitate towards dresses as I feel most comfortable in them. The majority are op shop finds, & the other great source is Ebay. I think I have somewhere over 50 by now. It's funny though, no matter how many I have I still have days when I feel like I have nothing to wear!

Thanks so much for checking out some of my favourite things. Once you have a passion for vintage the biggest issue is having enough space for your collections. It certainly is addictive, but it's a lot of fun too.


Thank you so much, Leisa, for guest posting here today - it means so much to me to have such a wonderful blogger as my first guest post!

If you would like to see more of Leisa's wonderful vintage collection, check out her blog at Vintage Bird Girl. Leisa's posts are always so well put together and you will be amazed by all the gorgeous vintage treasures she finds!


  1. what an interesting post ,thankyou Leisa for sharing your story.xx

  2. Thank you so much for the invitation to do a guest post! I'm very privileged to be the first. Your blog is looking fantastic & I am so looking forward to sharing the journey with you in the days ahead. Happy New Year to you lovely Sunae. Xx

    1. I can't express how much it means to me to have a blogger I admire so much guest post for me. The pleasure really is all mine in having you here today, Leisa! Thanks again and Happy New Year to you too! Xxx

  3. Leisa is fab vintage chick and a great blogger - and also a generous and seriously lovely human being. Thanks Leisa - and welcome to blogging, Sunae! Sarah xxx

  4. Leisa truly is a sweetheart. She knows I adore her and I love hearing about all her vintage scores and collections. Many of which if we lived closer she would need to keep under lock and key because we have similar tastes. What I didn't know Leisa was about your clock, my goodness you lucky thing. We are desperate to find one.

    Congrats Leisa on your first guest post and congrats Sunae on a lovely blog. X

    1. Thanks Trudie, and yes - I agree! There are many of Leisa's treasures that I wouldn't mind for myself ;) xxx

  5. Great post, Leisa! You have THE most fabulous and covetable collections!!!XXX